Bangor to Crawfordsburn

Bangor Marina

It was such a beautiful morning I took Smudge to an appointment I had in bangor so we could go walking dirctly after. She was happy enough as she got to nap in the car for 30mins first. We parked at the Marina which I was quite surprised had few spaces at this time of day during the week. 
We walked toward Pickie and this was the first I had noticed it had been closed since October. Lots of work underway, landscaping around the boating lake and a few new sculpts and park areas being laid out. There were lots of dog walkers about and Smudge did her usual damsel in distress pretending she was scared of them. She prefers to be off the beaten track so lots of fun on the beach and around the rock pools

Quick Family Visit

Smudge and Nanny B
Smudge ready to go again

I don’t get up to Portadown and Kilmore enough so despite being plagued with a migraine off to mums for lunch. Smudge loves going visiting and especially when she is going to see her granny. Then it was off to see the rest of the Browne’s. Lucy had been ill so we had a lazy time together. She was very pleased with her new horsey body warmer my other niece Lydia sent with me for her. She told me all about the ponies she rides and the books she had been reading, Jacqueline Wilson is becoming a favourite. She has fairly moved on from Dr Seus

watching football
Smudge wants some attention

Headache didnt start to lift til after 2100hrs. Time for crochet..thanks to Marja for the link to Lucy’s attic and her pattern for the ripple blanket. She did say the first row for a newbie crochet is very difficult and I can certainly agree with that but I didnt give up and the second row was so quick. It also hid most of the errors of the first row and I am not looking forward to adding more colours.

Quiet time for quilting

Despite being quite housebound this week and having to cancel my skatercise, Bible study and art class I was quite content at home. My car looks great, the colour spray now perfect. It meant I did a wii yoga session every day which is helping my posture as much as my chiropractor I think. I got my 8th quilt block appliqued so just one more to go as well as a few more crochet squares. I am on leave the latter part of next week so that will give me the chance to put my quilt together ready for quilting !!

last one ready for applique

Shaw’s Bridge

  Many times we have drove past Shaw’s Bridge and Belvoir Forest but this morning we decided to take Smudge for a walk there to check it out. Lots of dog walkers and joggers. It was mild and the river very gentle. It felt very Autumnal.

Given the opportunity for a bit of freedom she doesn’t like to stray too far from us.She was quite sociable to most of the dogs she met this morning, just one caused her to run back as it approached and not sure why it affected her differently from the others. she was exhausted by the time we got home and will likely laze around for the rest of the day.

 Time for me to get back to my
 crochet and start applique on another quilt block.