Mad March


It really has been a busy but fun filled
March with lots going on in our home. Always great having the Cumming family and to have the weather to get out and about with them was such a bonus as they like the outdoors as much as us. After lunch on Sunday we headed out to killynether.

 Poppy and Will are more adventurous and prefer to be off the beaten track.

Todays art was still in watercolour but trying something we had to make 
up as we went along rather than a live study.  
Classes finish now for Easter but since Kathy is coming to stay we will attend one when she is here next week.

 I have lots planned for her short stay so she can meet online friends and get to know a little of life in N.Ireland before she goes south. My car contract is up and my new car isn’t ready but have got this car for the next few weeks.

Wonderful Weather

We really have been enoying this milder weather and as the weather changes so does my appetite and the need for a change in menu. Last evening I did peking Duck and I had no idea how simple it was to make Chinese pancakes so definitely something we will be having again soon. I didnt make my own hoisin sauce though so maybe next time after a visit to the Chinese market.

 I am really concentrating on my quilt and have 30% of it quilted. It is much faster to do than I had expected and I like the templates I have but think I will be on the lookout for more at the next craft exhibition in April.

 This morning we walked along the coast from 
 Bangor to Crawfordsburn but spending a lot of time actually on the beach with Smudge.

This afternoon was time for Sarah’s lesson, the last one to complete her cushion. It’s incredible what she has achieved in a few weeks, for a 13yr old with no experience whatsoever. I can’t wait til Lucy gets to this stage and maybe this Summer Anna will be ready to attempt something small when she comes to stay.

 Sarah started quilting a panel and now has to embroider around each of her letters at home to complete it and decide what she wants to do next, maybe some curtains for her room???

Meanwhile Smudge recovers from her morning at the beach and I get ready for work!!!!!!

Being Busy but having fun

Smudge and Minnie start the week off

This week has been a busy week for me but not regarding work just been out and about more than normal and meeting up with friends as well as craft, craft and more craft.

Minnie sporting her new hairdo!!

The week started with a 2hr walk from Crawfordsburn Country Park around the coast. It was such a beautiful morning and as usual many dog walkers were out much to Smudge’s disgust. She was happier offf track ,through long grass and on the beach.

J bought me some flowers as we hadnt had any for a while had been so busy hadnt really thought about flowers indoors. However the chilli pepper seeds are planted as well as the pots tidied outside awaiting the purchase of their new blooms.

One of my random evening coffee and craft events went well. Clare, Donna and Liz were card making, I was quilting and a little crichet, Sian was making doorstops and Michaela and Nuala were making up dainty box kits for a child’s Easter project at school. We were all so industrious I forgot to take photographs!!!

 Our art location this week was back at julie’s and despite having agreed to an earlier start I completely forgot but soon caught up with the rest of the Thursday girls.

 I doubt Julie has any camelias left in her garden by the time she finished her classes this week!!!

I think I enjoyed painting the leaves more than the petals. If I had another few hours maybe i would have got them how i wanted them but needed to get back to Smudge.

Killynether Wood

Killynether Wood

It was such a beautiful day even though there was a chill in the air it was perfect for walking. After church and lunch we decided to take Smudge to Killynether wood. We walk here in every season but our favourite time is blackberry picking time. Smudge loves the freedom of being off the lead that this area allows over the national Trust properties where she must be on the lead at all times.

            I enjoy the walk here as a bit more strenuous with lots of hills and valleys and rocks to climb over.

 In both our study of John and in church as we approach Easter we talk of what Christ has done for us. Do we really understand the freedom he has brought us from our sin and in this country the freedom we have in many things. Out in the countryside gives us such a sense of freedom and also a reminder of the wonderful creation that we have been studying in Genesis.

“The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind…….

and trees bearing fruit with seed in them after their kind and God saw that it was good.” Genesis1:12

don’t you expect to see Winnie the Pooh and friends!!

I think if more people took time out to walk and look around they would feel more relaxed which would heal the mind as well as what they would gain physically with the exercise. A lot of people in N.Ireland blame the weather but if you dress appropriately to the seasons it is not a problem.

“In the world you have tribulation but take courage I have overcome the world”  John16:33

Relax and Teach

Yesterday was tiring so I had an early night. I had worked in the morning, visited a friend who was off ill and then drove to portadown. I took Lucy to the library then my mum out for tea for Mother’s Day. It took an age getting home as there had been a car accident just as the M1 became the westlink. Today I woke bright and breezy so we could have an early start at Mountstewart.

It looks like the cygnets have gone at last we could only see mum and dad this morning. Itwas such a bright morning compared to the last day we walked there that was so bleak.

We did the woodland walk and Smudge chased J amongst the trees. Lunch and then time for J to go to work and for me to have Sarah round for her sewing lesson. She is doing amazingly with the cushion cover- pinning and tacking,straight stitch ,forward and reverse and today she placed her zip.
Sarah’s first attempt ever at sewing
Now it’s time for me to get back to my quilt, hoping to have it tacked ready for quilting by the end of the day.