Finished projects

Life can be so busy and we can start so many things which we never finish. I guess this is normal for crafters to have many projects on the go at once. Since I started my art class I have learned that it isn’t the finished item that is important but what we learn along the way. This is much like our lives, not one of us are striving to reach the end of our lives even if we are content in knowing that we are heading for heaven to live eternally without all the flaws this world brings. It is the living out of our lives that is important. However when we do complete a project with it comes satisfaction with our achievement. Tonight as we hung my Tiny Town Quilt I had that sense of satisfaction but also a little sadness that it was complete.The Thursday girls were given an interesting task this week with a christmassy theme. It appeared complicated at first but I really enjoyed drawing and it only got really scary when I started with the colour pencils, not that I was likely to get anywhere near finished!! Our shower was also finished this week and by friday I had managed to eliminate most of the dust that had came with the renovation.

Then the rest of the week was for fun things. We had friends round for dinner on Friday evening and then Saturday was a me day with no J or Smudge. Julie and I browsed St George’s market where I always said I would go and never did. It was like a game guessing what all the exotic fruits and veg where and browsing all the crafts, buying none because we could make them ourselves (but never will get round to it!!!) A chat with Danielle, one of the Thursday girls on her stall and as usual I was amazed by her wonderful work. After a lovely lunch we went to the Opera House and had a laugh with Legally Blonde. We packed so much in the day we took a while becoming accustomed to the light when leaving because although at a matinee I tend to forget the time and expect it to be dark on leaving. I had also purchased 12 tickets for our girlie night back at the Opera house in November to see Calendar Girls. Who knows I may even have another visit before than. This evening I spent time online with Kathy from Cape Cod who is presently in Edinburgh continuing with our Bible study on Living Victoriously in Difficult Times.Tomorrow I have the inlaws and then back to work in the evening. I really do enjoy living this life.

Wet Nose Day

This is one of Smudge’s favourite days at Mountstewart when she can get to socialise with lots of dogs. We met up with some friends but we did get a bit more than our noses wet.

munching on a free treat

Smudge wasn’t too happy that Paul had another puppy with him

Getting ready for a busy week ahead unlike last week where there was lots of time for crafts. I purchased a new sewing machine and I highly recommend the shop if you need a service or fancy a new  machine. I got playing with mine in the shop and have now digested the instructions so when I get a chance I will get to play and plan to use it for my new quilt after I have finished tiny town.

Sarah is well into making her curtains now and I have heard there were pics on facebook!! As I said little time this week or at least the beginning of the week. Off with Julie at the weekend to see Legally Blonde at the Opera House and to purchase tickets for our girlie show in November, so far 12 of us going!!! Not many weeks left for our Precept study on Genesis part 2 so if your interested in the next study contact me asap.

I will have more dates up for coffee and craft soon including some evenings for those of you who have to work during the day.


Victoria centre, Belfast

Due to the sinking of the Titanic some 100yrs ago there has been a lot going on in our city to remember the event. Remembering how Belfast built such an incredible ship with such luxury but also remembering those who lost their lives.

 The deaths were tragic for all involved but it is also tragic looking back seeing how people were treated depending in which class they fitted. It reminds us how God doesn’t care what class man would state we fitted as he treats each one of us the same and also how we can always depend on him no matter what as he is unsinkable not like material things many put their trust in today.

 At the begining of the celebrations if you can call it that, Kathy who was visiting from Cape Cod via Aberdeen joined me at the Lyric theatre to see the play “The White Star Line”. It was excellent as it gave a good picture as to what was happening in Ireland particularly the north at the time of and including the Titanic’s first and last voyage. Then J and I went to the Grand Opera House as part of our anniversary treat to see the Titanic musical.

The new exhibition centre is open but we decided we would let the tourists flock there first and we would go midweek sometime when it isn’t so busy. The waterfront hall had an excellent remembrance show and the light show was also seen by many and enjoyed. J and I have both been on the Titanic walking tour last year and were amazed to see how much remains the same at Harland and Wolf since it was built. The nomadic was sitting in ruin but I noted when on the open top bus tour wqith Kathy it is now restored.

I made a small scene many years ago to display my thoughts on the titanic and what remained in my mind from the film that had came out at that time-the amount of people floundering in the water with no hope of being saved as rescue came much too late for them.

Easter at Tollymore

As barbara had said earlier in the week there is no such thing as bad weather just bad choice of clothing. We started the day prepared for wind, rain and low temperatures so we were comfortable and were blessed with a little sunshine. We weren’t the only ones put off by the weather as many families and youth and church groups were at Tollymore. I was still tired from the last few nights at work but it gave me a boost to get out and about. Smudge was so excited to get going she loves to be off the beaten track with lots to smell around her.

The scenery was so beautiful and so green as we hadn’t been here since the Winter. It’s like a fairy tale.
Will, Poppy, Anna and Smudge

Smudge and J

Bluebell wood

The kids go off on little adventures as we walk and chat catching up since we got together last.

The boys got the stove out to make the lunch

Time for a paddle
Anna,me,Smudge and J