Waiting for Dad!!!

J is as busy as he usually is in the Summer much to Smudge’s dismay but she has an idea what time he is due home and sits watch on the back of the chair.

We did manage to get out and about together on plenty of occasions in the sunshine though. Walks on the beach a favourite for Smudge.

New adddition to the kitchen which Smudge took a while to accept

We had a great weekend at Mountstewart with the BBC people’s history and Jazz afternoon. A bit too hot for Smudge but we came prepared.

some ice cream to help cool down

Some sausage snack and then time for a nap whilst J and I listened to the music.

Then as the sunshine goes down its back to craft. Sian and I made up some papercraft in preparation for the Autumn fair and I set to work on another handbag on request from a friend.

It certainly was much quicker this time and much neater than the one I made for myself. I am also knitting the cotton cardigan with one side complete and 2/3rds of the way up the 2nd side.  Off to art class this morning as can’t make it with the Thursday girls tomorrow but will miss the craic.

last day of my holidays

Last week we had a great time in donegal but this week the weather has been mediterranean. We decided to go to Mountstewart for the morning and bring a picnic and unbeknowns to us the BBC was there filming for The British Story. We just took ourselves to the furthest part of the lake to relax.


This was the first we saw the new cygnets, lets hope all 8 survive. The parents were being very protective and give Smudge quite a warning not to come too close.

I had started knitting a cotton cardigan .It was by knitting the charity baby jumpers that got me back onto the idea of knitting again. I can’t wear wool so this one is a natural coloured cotton.


 I may not be able to eat citrus fruits but felt I made a fairly good attempt at drawing and painting them this morning. What is even more surprising was I had such a bad migraine and kept thinking I was going to throw up but was good to have something to distract me. I managed not to throw up til I got home which I am sure the Thursday girls were most thankful!!!

I did have to spend the whole afternoon in bed though which meant I missed the sunshine but at least it settled things enough for me to make cards with a group of ladies from the church mother’s and toddlers group.

I am only just starting to feel normal having had some toast and tapioca so looking forward to tomorrow  mornings walk by the sea with Smudge.


Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Last week of the holidays so making the most of the extra time to craft and especially sewing although I have purchased a pattern and some cotton to knit a cardigan for myself.

I still have quite a few fabrics I want to make cushions with and possibly a patchwork bag. Awaiting arrival of more Cath Kidston vinyl which I am looking forward to playing with. 
I am amazed at the amount of very nice fabrics available now so much so that I have purchased a pattern to make a summer top for myself and maybe get back into dress making again.

I am due back to work on sunday but to be honest I really do not have the time!!!!

I made a cover for the passenger seat for my car for Smudge so as to keep the seat clean . I got it finished and in place before the ladies arrived. 

 There were just 3 of us this evening. Sian and I did a little playing with the cricut which nicely tied in with a gift wrap that Sharon was completing with some of her decoupage.

 I even managed to do a few more rows of a fish and chip baby jumper

Donegal Spring break

view from our cottage

The first week of my spring break and J’s only week was spent mostly in Donegal. It wasn’t sunny but there was no rain so we spent a lot of time walking and a lot of that was on the beach.

 Murvagh beach was at the bottom of our lane so that was our first outing knowing how much we all love the beach especially Smudge.

There was barely a breeze and Smudge wasn’t too keen on leaving.

It took her a day to settle in as she followed us in and out of every room. It looked like she was frightened we would leave her.

We were all tired after the sea air and walking.

Donegal Castle


 Donegal town was fairly busy so after visiting the Castle we drove further west to more beaches!!!

Malin Bay was so beautiful and it was obvious how the sheep were so used to people sharing their land.

One little lamb was feeding as we approached.

As we went further round toward Ardara we stopped at the little folk village at Glen Comcille.

Time for a walk at the cliffs at Bundoran.

I had brought my art materials with me but since I forgot to bring the paper it was knitting, crochet and reading.



Smudge meets a friend.Rosnowlagh

Castle Archdale Wood

 J had tv to watch which was the only down side as I love the peace and quiet.



 We took the opportunity to call with family on the way back home. We had a wander with mum in her garden with all it’s Spring blooms.