Busy and productive week

It has been a busy week again but J managed to catch up on our own garden a little much to Smudge’s disgust. She went from fighting with the mower outside to fighting with the vacuum inside!!!

I managed some sewing projects also and have started another baby jumper as well as the one for myself.

similar one available

I made an organiser for my knitting needles as they were everywhere. I finished a large cushion I started months ago.


Sian was back from holiday and able to join us for coffee and craft this week. it is always interesting to see what she has been working on . She had made some lovely brooches and put together a lovely box frame picture made from haberdashery pieces and saved motif’s from an old table cloth.

Sian’s work piece for boxed frame

Wendy joined us for the first time as she wanted to start scrapbooking and Julie also came for the first time with her knitting. I managed to do some knitting as well.

My most relaxing part of the week as always was my Thursday morning with the girls at art class.

Some time during the week I finished the Christmas cushion I had started at the last fair just in time for the Cloughy fair tomorrow.


Time at home

                                                       It is lovely to have a day at home.


i finished the little cotton cardigan that I had made with the left over cotton from my cardigan.

1 available
1 available

A little housework, some baking and some sewing. Some more items for the fair at the weekend.


Laura and Maxim’s wedding

What a wonderful day yesterday at Laura and Maxim’s wedding.

 We remember Laura running around the garden barely 5years old so hard to believe she was getting married.They make such a wonderful couple.

The weather was great which meant we could make use of the lovely gardens at Belfast Castle.

There were guests from Ethiopia, Sweden, Ukraine and mainland UK and everyone really had such fun.

Weekly walk

Smudge and I are managing to have at least one weekly walk with friends that lasts about 2 1/2hrs on top of our usual strolls. The weather hasn’t been too bad but on this particular one it was really quite sunny and I didn’t mind the paddle on the beach at all.

Minnie and Smudge

Smudge loves the beach and the sea but will never venture any further once her belly touches the water. I was determined to get her to go through the stream but she was so nervous I had to go in and encourage her through.

a little dirty!!!

She loves rolling in messy things but I think green slimy seaweed is her favourite. she even expects a shower afterward now!!!

thursday’s art

second stage

finally as time ran out

Almost finished a cute little baby cardigan in ecru coloured cotton. See pattern below.

Finished another Cath Kidston bag which has found it’s new home immediately.

Back to knitting

I haven’t done any knitting for at least 10 yrs and that was miniature, probably 20 yrs on any regular items. However once I did the fish and chip jumpers for charity I felt it didn’t bother my shoulders like it used to so I would try out a cotton cardigan for myself. Despite doing so many other crafts it didn’t take me too long to complete.

I have plans to do some baby knits but in the meantime waiting for the cotton for the pattern above.