Broadening your horizons

finished silk painting

 I have had a very interesting week in more ways than one. I feel on some occasions I have gained from my patients as much as they have from me. Sometimes in my job it could be very easy to focus on the problem at hand but given a little time with a patient and a listening ear we can learn so much.

Edges sprayed before centre handpainted

We have been studying Genesis and in particular Joseph. Life was not easy for him but despite everything he was firm in his faith believing God would get him through. As the book of Genesis closes we see the blessings that God bestowed upon him. One of my patient’s this week expressed clearly how he had no belief and yet he felt more blessed now since he was diagnosed with cancer than he ever did. He felt God was bringing him closer to his family and as he spoke there was evidence God was bringing him closer to him. He gave many examples that he stated could not just be co incidence and he was willing to explore who God was further. I went away thinking how little I appreciate my faith and knowledge of God and the promises he has gave me. Two passages that come to mind are Jeremiah ch 29  starting at v11(my favourite verse) and John ch 3v16.

 I am thankful for all God has given me including the many opportunities I have had to travel and participate in activities. I joined a small group on Saturday at Ards tourist centre and was taught silk painting. Yes I am already involved in so many crafts but there is no problem broadening our horizons. I just loved the workshop and look forward to repeating the experience, but…I will not be purchasing silk painting supplies as I think I have enough to be getting on with!!!!

toilet bag
shopping bag

inner zipped pouch

I have continued with my knitting this week and hopefully the next time I post I will have a picture of my finished waistcoat. I have also some wool to try some socks and a child’s dress.

Today however I spent the afternoon sewing and made some Cath Kidston items.

I am for Dublin on Friday with a friend to visit the knitting and stitching show so many more things to inspire me

Coffee,craft and Killynether

gift from a friend

Four of us last night all working on something different. Liz was knitting with bobble wool as you will see in the photo.
 I continued with my chunky knitting now after finishing the left side have started the right side. Sian was making some miniature flowers and I had made a kit for a Xmas cushion for Wendy.

She said she hadn’t sewn before but before the night was out she was aware of applique techniques, use of bonda web and blanket stitch.

Another wonderful Autumnal day and plenty of time free to explore with my best friend Smudge. Killynether wood is one of Smudge’s favourite places as she gets her freedom off the lead.

 Smudge doesn’t usually get here twice in the one week though. Howevere since my old tv will nolonger work and I havent figured out how to use J’s I can’t use my wii fit for my yoga so more walking needed.

It’s quite amazing that the blackberries are still ripening and some just at the flowering stage!!!!

There was such a variety of leaves fallen and the grey squirrels scurrying about out of Smudge’s way. There were lots of fungi but couldn’t see any really interesting varieties.

Art class this morning was following the same theme as last week and our walks in the woods. I really enjoyed the morning with the Thursday girls and looking forward to a meal out tonight at Bella’s again catching up with my friend Shirley who has started art classes too but attends an evening class.

Autumnal times

My favourite season of the year is here and I am enjoying every minute of it. It’s so beautiful as all the Summer colours fade into rustic cosy colours. Mountstewart is so beautiful as it is an area that’s climate allows for a wide variety of plants and shrubs that have died elsewhere.

 Smudge seems to enjoy this time too as not cold enough for her to have her coat on yet but at least she doesn’t have to hide in the shade. She loves to roll in the grass and sniff through the leaves.


 Yesterday was so peaceful and I am so thankful that I am blessed with the spare time to be able to enjoy the countryside I live in. Even at work I get to see the lough.

Today I decided it was so mild it would be a sin to stay indoors so I started with some gardening whilst my butternut squash soup cooked. We have decided to shrink the bed of shrubs in the front garden to make more space for cars as our cul de sac gets so congested. Then it was time to pick my little friend K up from playgroup. Her mummy had her all prepared with wellies ,etc for our afternoon adventures.

 Killynether wood was our first stop. K and I had been reading about Winnie The Pooh in Hundred Acre wood so this was as close as we could get. Smudge hovered under the table as we had our picnic. Then it was off to Kiltonga to feed the ducks,geese, swans and seagulls. It was fun and despite the fact K was wilting she was excited about going to the play park before it was time to go home. Smudge was also exhausted and was quick to get snuggled up beside me on the sofa.

Time for me to take it easy back to some knitting and crochet before the ladies arrive for coffee and craft this evening where we are concentrating on some Xmas sewing.


Gift from a friend

This week has been quite a mix of all the tidying up from one season to preparing for another. The coffee and craft group finished making Christmas cards using some different folds from A3 card and recycling cards from 2011.

Wendy’s recycling creation

Our 45ft fir trees have been blocking a lot of light out for some time so J decided it was about time he did something about it with a little help from me. It was hard work with little space to move in but fortunately all four came down without damaging any nearby property.

He had spent some time a few weeks ago stripping some minor branches.

It has been relatively mild which has helped. That is in between days of very heavy showers!!! Smudge even managed to catch a few sun rays.

Summer merged to Autumn just as Autumn is merging into Winter with no defined change.


 A nice meal out at Bella’s Bistro in Kircubbin with some friends after all his hard work went down very well.

I have started another knitting project but need to work fast on it as hope to wear it before the Winter is out. I am knitting the waistcoat in the pink colour.

This season has gave interesting subjects for drawing and painting and Julie certainly gave us a challenge this week from what she found in her garden. It reminded me of Beatrix Potter and her interest in fungi. I just loved the project even though I didn’t get it finished

teambuilding + farewell

gift from a friend

This summer we had our first work related get together it was fun and although we are a team we work very independently. It is important for us to spend time together because in a time of crisis in a work situation we may have to call upon one another for support.

I decided on afternoon tea as October isn’t usually conducive to eating outside. We nibbled for a few hours with a task in the middle. The aim was to make a Cristmas card.sample shown.

However at various points each person had to stop and pass her work to the person on their right. This resulted in everyone having a card with input from each member of the team. Everyone seemed to enjoy both the food and the task. It was so lovely to catch up with Rosemary even though she is on maternity leave. Baby Skye was so well behaved.

It was also a bit of a farewell to one of the team but hopefully just for a few years and maybe she will join in with some coffee+craft.

What a sense of achievement on their faces when they made their individual squeezy cards. The team card was much more fun though, lots of laughs, with each person apologising for their effort!!!

one of the team cards