Countdown to India

It’s a countdown to my trip to India, starting to get excited. Clothes all sorted and case packed. Here are some pictures of what lies ahead of me. the temperature during the day will be approx 73-80 degrees C but cooler when on safari.

We go on safari before breakfast at 0630hrs and again after lunch at 1430hrs.(3 safaris during my stay).

The accomodation looks good and most have wireless internet so may be able to link my blackberry without having to pay huge UK charges. I won’t be able to download any photos until I get home though so these will have to suffice until then.

 We travelled with Titan Tours many years ago to california and it was by far superior to any other tour company we had been with before so I feel safe and secure travelling with them.

All over the world

Since I made my blog less private it’s amazing the people that read my blog. They can’t copy anything or alter it but Iwould be really interested how they come about it and what they think when they do. I mean it isn’t a commercial blog or even professional, just normal everyday chit chat. People from China,Latvia,Ukraine, Switzerland,Austria,India,Israel,Russia etc,etc. If you come across it through a search please send me a comment as very interested in travel and other cultures. Its less than 2 weeks now before my trip to North India when I will be exchanging my snow boots for salwar kameez.

It is an amazing world we live in and there are always surprises to come. It is snowing outside and yet I still have chilli peppers ripening on my window sil!!!!

Since I have been ill I have gradually built myself back up to the point I am hungry all the time so will have to review my nibbling and get back into more regular exercise to burn off the calories.

We have been focusing on scrapbooking, during coffee and craft sessions, and I have also got a lot further with my family history research. I can’t recommend ancestry enough and Ulster family are very reasonable for checking up details of birth, death and marriage certificates rather than having to pay the full price to get a certificate they will get the info for you for less than half the price. I have also done some holiday scrapbooking hence a bit less done in knitting and crochet so lots of projects waiting in the background. I did make some cards though for family birthdays.

 The snow and ice put a stop to getting out and about unless it was absolutely necessary which to me was only if it was for work.

Our Home

Jonathan and Smudge

a little time to get cosy 

 Bible studies are continuing as normal as we travel through James and Genesis inductively, God revealing directions for our lives and giving explanation of how we came about.

Cluedo-girls night in

Just after a meal and ready to get their brains into gear.

What a night!!! it was a long night, plenty of eating and nibbling and despite everybody having different ideas on detective work at the end of the evening we had all really came to our suspicions around the same time. Surprisingly Donna and i solved the crime just before the others. Looking forward to the next one ladies when I will have family over from the USA. Ummm Sharon and Julie seemed to have managed to avoid the camera must sort that next time!!!

mother and daughter combine forces

Poor Smudge didn’t know what was going on with so many ladies around who were concentrating on something other than her. She voiced her opinion clearly regarding the Inspector when he came on the scene. She did get the odd treat but by the end of the night she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

J was back in time to help clear up not that there was much of that to do as I opted for disposables and a big thankyou to the ladies who helped with the meal, drinks and nibbles.

Who,what,where and when?

It takes you to lose your health for a while to really appreciate it

I am almost there, not quite but enough to know how ill I was and thankful to be bouncing back. The worst part about being ill is not that I couldn’t go to work but that I couldn’t concentrate on my crafts or having friends round. Continuing Bible study on wednesday was a start but will be nice to catch up with the girls this evening at our Cluedo supper.

Getting back to my art class yesterday was such a boost and I wasn’t quite as rusty as I thought I had been especially when coulour poses difficulties for me and especially in colour pencil. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning drawing garlic and mushrooms.

Since I have been up and about I managed to do some knitting and made a tunic top for Lucy a few sizes bigger than my first attempt so hopefully it fits. I applied some buttons for decor possibly from around the 1950’s from my button box.

Honey comes to visit Smudge

 I was also determined to get started on some crochet. i did try a pattern with some cheap wool but because it really wasn’t the right size i decided the sample would be adequate until I have the right wool another time but at least i got to practice the V stitch. I have started the interlocking crochet but can’t get beyond the filet mesh as i get confused in front and back. I realised  had completed the first row correctly just after i had unravelled it. However it’s knowing where to go on the second row so back to u-tube.

 I also knit myself some fingerless mits from sirdar snuggly on four needles. I do love four needles but probably because I hate sewing up.

Family history search

I have always had a keen interest in my family genealogy since I was a teenager. It was difficult then to extract various information from elder family members but it was apparent there were skeletons in the closet that made me interested even further.

For many years I was stuck in relation to paternal and maternal lines but have again got moving discovering further links.

I am presently concentrating on my grandfather Browne’s maternal and paternal family-Brown/e and McClean. I have a particular interest in learning more about the Brown’s who owned the newsagent,toy shop in Thomas St in Portadown and would be delighted to hear from anyone with information or photos.

My grandmother Browne’s family-Best and McFall.

On my mother’s side my interest is in the Austins and Russells but in search of information on my grandfather’s mother Susan sarah Atkinson originally from Portadown. Again any information or photographs would be most appreciated.

I am registered with which has been extremely helpful.

My great grandfather was an 18yr old tailor in 1901 and so I would also be interested to know at that time where he was likely to be employed as the rest of the family appeared to work in the linen industry in manual labour. His cousin run Brown’s shop so would also be interested to know how she rose to such a position from a poor household.