Crafting and Kiwoko

There isn’t a better time shared than crafting with friends and making new friends in the process. Coffee+craft gives ladies an opportunity to make new friends with a similar interest.


Rebekah’s knitting
Wendy’s cot quilt

 We all enjoy various crafts and enjoy passing on our ideas and skills. A little donation for tea and coffee provided will go a long way in helping others less fortunate than ourselves in Kiwoko,Uganda. The ladies are all very enthusiastic and are producing some lovely items from knitting and crochet to hand and machine stitching.

Sarah’s finished tie backs




Bags seem to be very popular at the moment, not sure if it is anything to do with the governments new charges on plastic bags!!


Weather appears to be improving at times but not bad enough to keep us indoors, as much as I would love to sit and craft all day exercise calls

Miss K and I between showers

Farewell to Family

What an amazing 10 days so much to pack in, but then Northern Ireland is the best place in the world to live with so much to see and do and so many nice people to spend time with!! A big thanks to all my family and friends who helped out. We had a lovely evening eating with friends as we tried to solve the mystery as to who stole what where and when during the Grand Ball.


Jen and I (+ Smudge)

There was so much more we could have doneIt was a fun time but Goodbyes always bring hugs and tears but only until the next time. God willing I will visit USA toward the end of 2014.

Jen’s chicken scratch
Margaret +mars bar mousse
Smudge got a little tired with so much coming and going

We had a wonderful meal together organised my wonderful sister-in-law Leanne. the food and atmosphere were just perfect to end our time together. It was nice that we almost had the restaurant to ourselves.


Art and the Titanic

It was Thursday so Jen and Margaret were invited along to meet the Thursday girls and have some tuition from Julie. Their bananas were wonderful and I got to finish the painting that I started the week before.


Jen and I went to the Titanic exhibition in the afternoon while Margaret continued with her art using colour pencil following on from her watercolour bananas.

I think I have watched and read so much over the years about the titanic that I didn’t find it that exciting but jen and I both agreed the background information as to what else was going on around that time such as the linen industry was very interesting. many of our ancestors worked in the linen industry and were very much working class so times were tough then.

A quick tour of the Crown bar and then we had a lovely meal in the Hippodrome restaurant of the Opera House which was so handy then to the show. The Sound of Music by St Agnes choral society was excellent. A lovely end to a very busy day.

Jen and Margaret are here, especially to see Smudge of course!!!

Lots of hugs and tears as family re unite with Joy. Smudge of course assumes as always they are here just for her and absorbs as much attention as she can. The open top hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Belfast was excellent as always. A quick trip around nearby sites in Ards and Bangor then a day down the Antrim coast.


 It couldn’t have rained any harder as we approached Carrickfergus Castle but it didn’t dampen the visit and from there onward the skies cleared. lovely views as we travelled along but we opted to pic nic in the car none the less for fear we’d be blown across to Donegal.

Smudge had front seat as usual but got to have a nap when we got to the Giant’s Causeway. We hadn’t been since the new visitors centre which is amazing how it hides in the landscape. It was still very windy but the rain stayed away.


Preparing for the holidays

It has been a count down for months. My cousins were due to arrive from the USA and I was on leave with a few days to spare as my brother entertained them first. Margaret’s second visit and Jen’s first. The weather had settled a bit so we got out walking with Smudge.

the swan didn’t want to play!!

5p a bag for any purchases bought so I thought I would make some shopping bags for Margaret and Jen for their gift purchases.

I started a painting in watercolour with the Thursday girls and came home enthusiastic to get more done but leaving some for the following week as I knew I needed some help on it from Julie.

2 1/2 hrs in class
continued at home