fast forward to summer

It has been a wonderful week for getting out and about and great to get the boots off and flip flops on. As much as Smudge loved the walks though she found the heat exhausting.

Mountstewart is out full bloom from white tulips, rhododendrums to the multitude of bluebells. The highlight though was the 7 cygnets that hatched on Monday swimming around the lake with the protection of their parents.

Miss K and I decided to picnic there despite the fact I had already been there with J and Smudge, it was so good to be out in the sunshine.

Still lots to do indoors too with the sale for Kiwoko coming up next Friday and many thanks to the ladies from coffee+ craft as well as my art class for donations. the ladies are obsessed with making bags at the moment so tried recycling some old denims this week.

Liz’s bag in progress
Jackie’s bag in progress
Marie’s quilt

Time at the beach.

Art class as usual on thursday.

To make or create? What is the difference?

Smudge and I at Tollymore

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.Genesis ch 1.The word create comes from the Hebrew word ‘bara’ which is to create, shape, form, however the empasis here is ex nihilo (out of nothing) God just had to speak and it was done. This week on leave I have had lots of opportunities to make and also to observe creation. The monthly Precept study has been on Genesis part 1 which focuses on creation.

 Psalm 139 I will give thanks  to You, for I amfearfully and wonderfully made ….how precious also are your thoughts to me O God how vast are the sum of them. If I should count them they would outnumber the sand

 Genesis 32:12

“For You said, ‘I will surely prosper you and make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which is too great to be numbered.’ “
Flood gates Newtownards

tide out at floodgates

jellyfish everywhere

 It is getting closer to the sale to raise funds for Kiwoko at the Ulster hospital so did some more knitting and crochet.

There were two sessions for coffee + craft  so lots of items made from handbags to cushions to quilts.

Jackie’s bag designed and made by herself

Liz’s bag

Jackie placing border on quilt

Liz’s cushion

It was lovely to have a busy home and folk picking up ideas and tips from each other.

I fitted in lots of walks mostly with friends and Smudge as the weather was so aggreeable.

Smudge has always enjoyed a paddle but we have never saw her swim she just likes to be at the edge and race on the beach. However today she slipped off a stone and automatically went into doggy paddles. There was an obvious under current and the doggy paddle quickly became a doggy panic and at one point before J fished her out by her collar he thought he would have to wade in for her!!!

A very wet dog

Smudge was really exhausted this evening as the second day she has walked for over 2hrs.

Art and Craft whatever the weather

I always get a boost of energy coming up to holiday time and now I have 10 days leave with lots of things to do. With the ironing done I am guilt free to indulge myself in even more craft. This week we have had sunshine and showers and its hard to know each day what the weather will be.

I decided to make some small things for our craft stall for Kiwoko so I finished a pair of bootees and started a first size jumper. I am still waiting on wool to complete my interlocking crochet blanket before I start another. An ideal interest sitting indoors crochetting or knitting whilst the rain pours down outside.

 Julie and I had a lovely day having a look around Stormont Castle and drawing in the gardens.



National drawing day was spent by Julie hosting a drawing morning in the University of Ulster. A fun time for those who had experience and those who didn’t.


 I decided on drawing one of the busts starting with his brooch, maybe I will finish it this week


Lunch out with friends in the Mac then  some craft shopping. We used the park and ride which took us a while to work out. However what we didnt know was that there were two buses and we chose the wrong one so we had a mystery tour and landed back to where we started. We waited another 10mins for the right bus as it poured down!!!

Creative Moments

 Coffee+craft this week I decided to make a cushion cover I had wanted to do for over a year using fabrics and buttons I had for many more years. Thinking of making some of my own buttons shortly.I also started some boottees for a charity sale coming up in June. I had almost finished my interlocking crochet blanket when I ran out of wool. Fortunately I have managed to get more wool online.

Sea lion at Holywood

 I took advantage of the one summerlike day this week and took Smudge to the beach with Julie and Minnie. A sea lion was basking on a rock but unfortunately as I got closer it dived into the sea.

The weather turned around completely so Miss K and I had a day inside and very appropriately watched Balamory episode about rain. As we learned about reflections we made an umbrella, puddle and a hand mirror.

1st attempt
2nd attempt

Two art classes this week which was great since I have got my energy back. Guess who I was trying to draw

Dollshouse Miniatures and Flower Festival

It has been a long time since I did anything miniature apart from attaching the odd brick to my house so when I was asked to take part in an exhibition I was very enthusiastic. I took along my cottages that i made under the direction of Rik Pierce and incredible creative guy. I would so love to make more of my own design but gator foam board seems impossible to get outside of USA without paying a fortune.

Shirley F

Linda H

It was lovely to see so many people some I haven’t seen in 20 yrs but also nice to talk about the miniature hobby and what was required to work on various scales of models.

The flowers in the church were amazing I can just manage to place a bunch in a vase or jug and try to remember to top up the water. Regarding plants I am better with succulents and cactii or at least that is what manages to stay alive despite the neglect.

Carolyn W

Lambeg club

The flowers were used to depict various Bible texts starting with “I am.. such as I am the way, the truth and the life.”

David Finlay