Summer time indoors and outdoors


We have had our longest day even though many may think there is no sign of summer.

 I believe you need to grab every moment when it isn’t pouring down so you do not miss this season. Back from holiday but still lots of time to enjoy and explore.


Picnics when possible and time for relaxing.


Time for walks at our favourite gardens but although I felt it was mild this afternoon no sign of the ducks and swans on the lake. However Smudge managed to find some duck pooh to roll in so shower for her as soon as we got back.

Two art classes this week to catch up on what I had missed on holiday and the previous week when I had to attend a course for work.

Coffee+craft this week was a little different as I reflected back on previous interests and decided to play with some fimo.


During this browse in the attic it led me to look at some of my miniatures and in particular my 1/12th scale characters. Maybe I will get back to my minis in the winter!!!!


Black Castle,Wicklow

Time to travel home but thought we would take our time travelling up the east coast. We will miss all the farm animals but think Smudge has had enought long walks for a while as she slept on my knee most of the way home.


Our first stop was Wicklow and we had our picnic lunch here before moving on to Greystones.


Russborough House

We drove through the Wicklow Gap and the scenery was very beautiful.


It is quoted Russborough is the most beautiful house in Ireland. The weather was poor but we did still walk in the grounds despite the rain.  We did both the rhodedendron and wildlife walks. For anybody with kids the play park looks amazing.

We booked the Russborough House tour. It was per chance that we were the only two who had booked for that time which meant we had the guide to ourselves. Seemingly you can book a private tour for 150 euros so we did well for 24 euros which included the exhibition for the two of us. The guide was very knowledgeable from the details of every painting and artist to the makers of the fine furnishings and carpets. I doubt there was anything she didn’t know about the house and the families. I really recommend a visit if you are in the area. 

View from one of their guest rooms

Back home for more knitting and crochet


Wells House and Gardens

Raining!!!! but it started and stopped throughout the day so it didn’t stop us on our travels.

View from our gated entrance

Wells house and gardens is just opened a year coming in July. It has a very interesting history and lots more to be done by the present owners in the future to open up even more to the public.

The trail walk was interesting with a few more interests added since first mapped out by lady Francis. I think Smudge enjoyed the wishing well best.

or maybe it was meeting the farmyard friends.



We managed to have our picnic outside before we went on the house tour. The first house visit I have ever had when you were requested to make yourself at home touch if you choose and sit on the furniture.



Every evening I have knitted and crochetted.

mercerised cotton cardigan for me
sleeve for baby cardigan

cardigan age 9-12mth

after a long day…..