Bangor walled garden and afternoon tea mini fundraiser for Kiwoko

I enjoyed the wall garden so much couldn’t wait to bring Smudge and J. They both loved it and we had great difficulty in getting Smudge back in the car.


I had to get home though to be prepared for the ladies coming for afternoon tea. I also attempted to teach a few how to crochet which is a bit crazy considering I have only learnt myself but we had a fun afternoon anyway with plenty of nibbles as can be seen from the photos.

…and the warm weather continues

Another busy week out and about enjoying the sunshine but enough breeze to make it a little more comfortable for Smudge. She had a great walk with Julie, Minnie and I this morning at Redburn despite being lifted straight from her bed. She isn’t an early riser so i thought a 0900hrs walk maybe problematic but as it was Minnie and her led the way.

Jackie’s bag from recycling denims

I am continuing with my crochet as have about 5 weeks to get it finished. The ladies are still hooked on bag making !!! Gill was making a bracelet whilst Sharon continued with her fimo modelling of which she has made some lovely items she can use as embellishments.

Liz’s bag from recycling denims

Miss K and I went to Bangor swimming pool, with some friends,which was a first for me although not for her. I even managed to swim a few lengths as well as playing on slides and jumping waves with her. She definitely had much more energy and less fear than me. Afterwards we had a picnic in the walled garden which again was a first for me. The grounds are so well done  with such beautiful flowers at the moment.

We are into the 4th week of the summer study precept Bible study and it is very encouraging as everyone is  really enjoying it. We had just been discussing how important it was to be a good example in our community when I got an email through from Precept HQ posing the question ‘What could you do in your community?’ God’s timing is perfect and some times quite humorous.

Before we know it we will be starting our Precept PUP studies again and I will be hosting 3 this autumn details to right of blog and spaces available.

Loving this summer

J’s home made strawberry ice cream

Some days are just too hot to be outside but it’s lovely to have the option. This week I have just enjoyed having the door open and popping in and out with Smudge.  In this weather we tend to snack more than have a main meal but still like our bakes for supper and friends who call by. Third week of our summer Precept Bible study and everyone getting to know each other by now, quite a noisy bunch at coffee time.

Jaffa Ganache

oatmeal cookies

We took a drive down to killinchy and called in with Carolyn to thank her for her wonderful Elderflower cordial and Smudge had some fun with Milo. They had to be separated in the end as Smudge too much of a bully.


 Coffee and craft continued with some Christmas card making, sewing, knitting and crochet.

Marie’s ripple blanket
Marie’s chicken scratch
baby jacket in 4ply just finished

 I have to balance my time outside when it is very hot so Miss K and I visited the library at Ward park as well. I like my head covered but don’t like hats so made Miss K a scarf so she wouldn’t  feel different.

light snack with Miss K at the park

 The weather has taken it’s toll on J as much harder gardening under a hot sun and harder for Smudge in her fur coat.

 We had a day out with Smudge staying at her grannies as much too hot for her to stay in the car any length of time. J and I went clay pigeon shooting which was a first for me and I was delighted to score 5 which was 2 shots more than J!!!

We also visited Springhill House in Moneymore where we did visit before but about 20yrs ago and nice to have a tour guide to ourselves.

Springhill, moneymore

 Re union with Smudge and took her to see her cousin Gismo and they had great time exploring auntie E’s garden together.



 At art last week i chose to work in colour pencil as I feel i really need to practise more

feathers in colour pencil


First attempt at modelling clay

my rag doll

I had a wonderful day playing with clay at the local town hall. I had really no idea what I would be doing but thoroughly enjoyed myself. The others who took part in the day had previous experience unlike myself.

playing with clay


Monica’s cat

Orla’s lady
Nancy’s lady

Amanda’s hare

Jill’s swan

It was a very hot day but I am not a sunbather and craft much more a priority

coffee + craft as usual a very busy house

Marie’s bag

Walking, crafting, baking and working

This week has been so enjoyable for a variety of reasons. Very busy at work but lovely weather to be out and about in the community.

Julie and I managed the half marathon walk this year again.Well!!!!I think I registered wrongly as they seemed to think I was running when I only planned on the walk hence when I was finishing they were a bit confused as runners were coming in alongside me falling off their feet and I was walking along pleasantly chatting to Julie.

The summer study got off to a great start with our Precept 40 min with 12 ladies attending the first evening and enjoying getting to know each other over a cuppa and craft after. The summer is always busier for me and as well as coffee+craft I have individual specific craft times and this week it was scrapbooking.

Marie’s 1st attempt at chicken scratch
Sharon’s fimo

Gillian’s fimo



my interlocking crochet to date

 Scrapbooking takes up so much space or it least it does in my house but then I probably have enough paper and embellishments to furnish a shop. Anyway with this particular hobby because of the space it is a max of 3 persons in a session . I am way behind on holiday photos so working on USA trip which was a family reunion in 2011 where my cousin Kathy invited everyone to her home!!! We had a fantastic time and if you are reading this Kathy it will be a time we will never forget I doubt it would be possible for so many of us to get together in the same way again especially when most in USA.

and this is just coffee table large table also covered

J and I went to have a look at the seashore celebration in Bangor browsed the stalls and then spent some time looking at the arty pods along the front. These are a change from delapidated buildings and very enjoyable to look at.

Mountstewart garden fete was also enjoyable until the rain came but we were leaving at that point anyway. I got some new chutneys and J some new flowers for the garden.

Mountstewart garden fete

Lots of baking to catch up on this week to stock freezer and cover for all the folk who frequent my home for whatever reason.  Thanks to all of those who donated to Kiwoko charity we raised £22.65 for the month of June. We will continue to collect donations each month.

Smudge watching to see who was coming to visit her next

I got so involved in my hobbies most days even after work the moon was certainly the last thing I saw as not in bed before 0100hrs most nights.