Portadown College reunion

It was 30 years since many of us had met and what a meeting. there was much talk about the 80’s music that would be played but i doubt anyone noticed in the end as there was so much chatter as everyone caught up on each others lives.

Many people hadnt appeared to have changed but my memory let me down on  many faces apart from those I had close contact with in the early 80’s

Craft galore

The months are flying by but I have had lots of time for my craft. I love the Autumn and the time it brings to get caught up with projects. Christmas cards in progress because before we know it, it will be Christmas.

Miss K and I have  stopped picnicking and reverting to craft indoors.

 My crocheting skills are increasing as I move onto patterns rather than just blankets.



Focusing mostly on making items for my Christmas Sale at home on the 30th November. Smudge of course is demanding as much of our time as ever and if we don’t give it she has her means.

Family visit

todays watercolour

 She has discovered that shaking a slipper doesnt give the result but if she steals something from my craft room its much more effective.


I eventually collected my sculpts that I made around May time.