Getting prepared for my next event at home 30th November -Afternoon tea and craft sale

 Our walks are very much weather permitting at the moment but Mountstewart and Kilynether still Smudge’s favourites.

Sponsored knit and bag back seem such a long time ago. The Fundraising team made over £800 at the bag pack and I made £300 on sponsorship.

New passport applied for and arranging vaccinations as ony a few months till I leave for Africa. I am so looking forward to visiting another continent and see the differences and simiarities to China and India.

colour pencil

I am back at my art classes and enjoying these as much as ever.

water colour
water colour

I have been busy with my needles again and also received lots of knitted items for donation to raise funds for Kiwoko, thanks to everyone. A big thanks to my friends also for donations for our raffe, a beautiful print of a coour pencil piece and beauty voucher.

a new poncho for me
childs poncho sold

Coffee and craft well attended as well as the 3 Bibe studies. New study on Titus starts in the New Year for anyone interested wednesday 1830 to 1930.

he is benefitting from the clicking of his grandmas needles


Liz’s cushion

Carolyn’s felting

Jackie’s crochet hand warmers

my little Halowe’en caller

tired at the end of the day


Miss K and I prepare for Christmas