End of 2013

31st December means different things to different people depending on the year. Many have lots to celebrate and many struggle with depression, grief and anxiety. The one thing all have in common is a hope for the future. The world tries to offer this but it can only be found through Christ. The world is slowly destroying itself piece by piece. Our Genesis study group have seen how this world was once perfect and that is what God planned for us as he created us in his image. However man decided he knew better and from then sin entered the world. All is not lost though as God still wants us to have that perfect life. He gave his people many chances as we saw in our Exodus study group and yet his people still grumbled and forgot him.  In the summer our study grouped looked at how we could make decisions that would benefit our lives looking at examples of Godly men and women.We have a choice in 2014 to follow him or to choose our own path. We must be aware of the consequences our choices may bring as God also promises us that nothing goes un noticed. Our Esther study group saw how an orphan was used by God to deliver his people and we learned that in each of our own circumstances whether we have had a good year or struggled God can use us for the good of his people.

Shirley teaches Wendy how to crochet

A big thankyou to all who came through no.55 to study or craft for the funds raised for Kiwoko a grand total of £1026.24.The coffee and craft group met on this last day of December for a cuppa, more craft and general reflection on the year with each other. There was such a buzz and fun atmosphere amongst a group of ladies who have had both happy and sad times this last year.

pom pom maker

Emma and Carolyn make snowmen from socks

Jeanette observes Shirley’s mini knitting

Whatever this year has install for us we know he has gone to prepare a better place for us where everything will be perfect again. We just have to trust and have faith.

Christmas 2013

There is generally a lot of fuss at Christmas time but I must say i don’t panic too much. Being a nurse and working at least part of Christmas for the last 26years maybe part of the reason. however each year we meet with friends and build on our memories and they just keep getting better. Plenty of walks in the cold crisp weather.

Minnie after a very muddy walk at killynether

 Smudge just loves to open presents and it doesnt really matter whether they are for her or not

J,Poppy and Smudge
Poppy bird watching

Anna and her wrecked journal


Our favourite places are Mountstewart and Killynether Wood locally but on Christmas Day we are at the foot of the Mournes. We were thankful that the sever winds took a rest and we enjoyed a walk around the lake at Castlewellan between meals.


The winds caused a lot of damage in Killynether but forestry were on the ball making things safe for our walks. Smudge made a new friend a fellow westie called Schummy. Smudge bird watching at Kiltonga


watching Toy story3

It’s almost Christmas 2013

pre Christmas visit to the Browne’s

catch up with friends

We don’t go out very much in the evenings as they tend to be filled with wirk or catching up over a cuppa and relaxing but when we do get out to events we thoroughly enjoy it. Such an evening was spent at the Somme Heritage centre,an evening of culture with a focus on the great war.


We also thoroughly enjoyed an evening with the New Irish choir and orchestra at the waterfront celebrating Christmas. Such talent and such praise to our God for sending us his son.


 Smudge gets very excited about Christmas simply because she loves to open presents and on this occasion insiisted on getting her pressie before it was even wrapped

time to get the decorations up

 For many years we have spent Christmas with friends so try to meet up with family at some point in December for a meal and present swapping and this usually happens at mums


Where has the time gone so much fundraising and before I know it I will be in Kiwoko

 Smudge was getting a little fed up with all the inattention so plenty of naps. Lots of crafting for both my own house sale and that in the Ulster Hospital. I raised approx £400 at home. A big thanks to all who came and supported me especially my family and inlaws.


Vaccinations all in order and just waiting for my new passport to arrive and then time to pack

Lucy my most enthusiastic helper

Still loving my art and this is the last before 2014

I originally started art classes for 6 weeks just to see if I could learn something. knowing fine well I couldn’t draw. However miracles do happen and 2 years later I realise I can not only draw but even add a little colour as well whether it be water colour or colour pencil.

colour pencil

water colour

water colour

water colour

I have made some lovely friends at Julie’s class as well which adds to the enjoyment, not to mention Smudge’s friendship with Minnie