End of a year beginning of another


It’s particularly mild for December but with little rain didn’t stop Smudge and I getting out and about. The days that were just too miserable there was plenty to keep me busy indoors between baking, cooking and sewing. I didn’t mind being busy as always a bit of a down time after returning from the USA. 

It was lovely to see my two new great nieces Grace and Eve on my return. Little Grace came into this world causing a stir as she came and we can thank God for her safe arrival and the protection of her mummy. It’s this time of year we remember Christ coming into the world also causing a stir. He came to save each one who chooses to accept him. When we look back on the news of this year we can see how the world is changing and not for the better and as J just mentioned this morning why are we so shocked as the Bible clearly tells us to expect this.

A week before Christmas and the last sale of the year for Kiwoko.
No coffee and craft this month as everyone so busy coming up to Christmas.
Mountstewart still our favourite walking haunt no matter what the weather and no matter how cold or windy it is the protective climate inside Mountstewart is always a delight. 

I usually enjoy baking or cooking as I enjoy the eating but at this time you can be a bit more creative.

Peppermint creams
Blueberry crumpets

Getting ready for Christmas in Newtownards

am usually organised well in advance but maybe not this year.the Christmas tree was falling apart and the lights not working but after 23yrs I wasn’t surprised so a new one had to be purchased.

Smudge got an early pressie on my return from USA
A visit to Donaghadee garden centre and a meal out in our favourite restUrant in Newcastle “Vanilla”
Decorations up a week later than usual and cards still to be made.

Preparing for Christmas in USA

Rockefella centre ready for the Christmas tree lights to be switched on. In North Haven we went to the Christmas tree farm for the Forbes family tree.

Meanwhile in Newcastle Co Down J helps the Cummings family get ready for Christmas
Back in USA and things are getting done with the help of a few snacks along the way
Abby,Reagan,Ada and Katie great set of sisters reminiscing as the decorations go in the tree

New York City in the fall

It was wonderful being back in the city with some time to meet my friends Ben and Anthony and simply just to wander and soak up the atmosphere. It’s always just a stop on the way to and from somewhere else.

Les Miserables was making, all I expected and more
A few Starbucks stops and a few purchases in the Black Friday sales that started on Monday!