No Place Like Home

I love to travel but when I am at home there is no better place to be.  I enjoy the comfort of my own home and have no interest in going out for coffee and shopping like most folk do.

coffee and craft

this weeks art

 This week I did travel though to visit my mum and wish my niece a Happy Birthday in my old home town of Portadown. Mum and I had a lovely lunch in a little cafe in Mandeville street waited on by some lovely girls who have special needs but given this opportunity to work and a great job they were doing. The food was lovely and very well presented not to mention reasonably priced.

 J and I had a night out in Belfast. we had a lovely steak dinner at the Northern Whig followed by an evening at the Odyssey celebrating 20yrs of Riverdance. It was an amazing performance


I have also started packing my cases for Africa and preparing the little nursing lectures I am to give over there. I have no idea the Ugandan nursing programme or the standards compared to here so at the moment quite anxious as well as exciting.

Is it possible to have too many crafts?

Anyone knows me knows I hate sitting still. I am not content unless doing at leasy two things at once. however even doing two things at once I can’t keep up with projects and interests. this week i have been spending more time card making and baking. All the birthdays that need cards for the incoming year and the fact my freezer has emptied of the pre Christmas baking.

My craft room is disorganised chaos as it doubles for my preparations for my trip to kiwoko in Uganda next month. coffee and craft continues to raise funds for this worthy cause. You just dont know who or how many are likely to drop by and one lady commented this week each time she meets someone new and learns something new as well.

Hilary’s crochet is amazing

 I bought myslef a little moleskin sketchbook hoping it would encourage me to draw outside of class and have completed one page so far.

drawing at home

One of these days I will also get back to my dollshouse hobby. The dollshouse gets more attention with dusting than it does throught any building work. The weather has kept me more housebound these recent weeks as not keen to take Smudge out to far and get wet risking any ailments prior to my trip.

A break from knitting

I have done so much knitting I feel a break is required so will move to paper craft for a while. I need plenty of cards for all the upcoming birthdays, etc

Most of the ladies worked on their own projects this morning whilst I used some new stamps to make card inserts.

An attraction to the group this morning was Liz’s grandson Noah who was so well behaved and grabbed all the attention with smiles as rewards. am not sure what he thought of Sian’s 1/12th scale tomato plants. Liz was knitting but a change from the baby wear which she has probably exhausted by now she was making a tea cosy.


Marie was knitting an Aran and Carolyn spent most of her time cuddling Noah.

2014 so I began the year as I mean to go on

New year and time to catch up

There is always more to do than the time available to do it so it’s always a matter of prioritising. However once the important things are decided it’s a bit of a lottery what we fill our time with. My faith is my priority after all God has done much more for me than anyone could and he has promised me so much. The precept Bible studies continue this year until June and I plan a summer 40 minute study again God willing. There have been many ups and downs for the ladies who attend but we have learned so much together.

ASmudge and Lola
Smudge at granny Mc’s

Coffee and craft also continues where anyone can drop in and work on their craft or learn skills from others or simply just chat. I have so many projects to finish but always find it impossible not to start another!!! I have finished a few knitted items already this year but don’t want to devote all my time to these as I have a large dollshouse to work on as well as patchwork and papercraft.

Smudge and Gismo

Hilary brought some crochet samples along as this is a fairly new skill for me and joining is something I have no experience of and she is so experienced. My family tree research and scrapbooking has been sitting a while and needs awakened soon.

the third and last poncho I plan to knit

It  was back to art again and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I got done with it being a few weeks since I had done anything. I got one finished in pencil and one in colour pencil


It was lovely this week to catch up with family we havent seen since before Christmas and friends that are difficult to track down outside of holiday seasons.


Despite the cold wet weather we managed to get out to a few of our favourite places.