Back to my Genealogy-Brown/e and Mole, Ireland and England to USA and Canada

Through an article in the Portadown paper I received a few leads on two different parts of my family tree. I am delighted that Gwyn’s half sister has been in touch and will be able to fill her in on. Their family life and her dad that she never met. I am hopeful in time they will get to meet each other as well as Scotland isn’t too far from Wales. 

Talking of distance I discovered some Browne relatives who had only moved from Portadown to Lisburn. I hope to meet with my dad’s second cousin later this month. I have discovered though regarding Jonathan Brown/es line the Brown/es have not continued as the male heirs deceased before able to have families of their own. However I decided there had to be more siblings for Jonathan and Charles Henry so I back tracked a little to the information I already have and noted the witness to CH Browns weddding was a Harrison Brown.
I found Harrison in the 1901 and 1911 census as a boarder in two different addresses in Belfast but the same occupation as a painter. I then discovered through the Mormon site that he had a sister Clara who married Harry Leonard Mole (originally from England) in Manhattan, NYC.  Clara and Harry moved onto Toronto where 3 births were registered to them  , Ethel May in 1902 and Harry Edmund in 1903 as well as a baby who was born and died in 1921.
The Canadian census in 1921 was my greatest delight as I found Clara, her husband and kids had Harrison, still a painter living with them along with his wife Jean. Unfortunately where they went after this or their kids I have no idea as I cannot find any further records of marriages or deaths to any of them or the children.


Today I had friends round for a PowerPoint presentation of my trip to Uganda. This was the only way to try and give any idea as to what I did there and the experiences I gained. Just going through the presentation made me wish I was back there. Thanks to Barbara for projector it really brought the images to life.

Having the projector we decided afte a meal out to have a little family show of previous holidays. Smudge was so attentive and I do believe she recognised herself as the star of the show. 
This week our art class decided on a visit to the Ulster Folk and Transport museum. It was freezing and as well as some exhibits being closed so was the coffee shop. Despite this though I managed to get some drawing done.
Last week it was watercolour ,concentrating on tones so we did one drawing in payees grey and the other in colour.I wonder what we will be up to this week

J got back to gardening as well as tidying up our own. I need to get out there too but still too cold for me yet.
I finished some drawing during coff and craft whilst Sian worked on her miniature plants. I had started my sketch in Uganda.

Picking up the pace

It’s been a week now since I got back from Uganda and it has taken all this time to get used to the food, weather and the pace back home. many things have changed in my short break away. We will all miss Rebecca as she moves on to new employment, I think we are still in denial that she has moved on.

Being back to work wasn’t quite the culture shock I thought it would be but I still can’t stop thinking about how things are in Africa. We have moved on so much from how things are there but to be honest despite some outcomes being restricted because of resources, their lack of documentation, protocols and policies does not have the negative impact I would expect. We are becoming to common place with the increase administrative work we carry out even though we do moan about it. I wonder if we could go back 27years ago and start again could we do things better.

straight to watercolour

J was on holiday after I got back so lots of time to get out and about and get used to life back here. Smudge of course enjoyed the walks too especially havin the weather to get to the beach. It took me a while to get used to the food and even cooking again as a bit spoilt in Africa having it done for me.

Everything else has resumed as well such as Bible studies, art class and coffee and craft. Everyone wants to know how my trip went but I hardly know where to start, you really have to be there to understand. We went to Newcastle to my favourite restaurant Vanilla and Smudge slept as she had had quite a run around Murlough beach. 

I need to spend some time preparing some items for the sale at Kircubbin integrated where I will have a table of craft items to raise funds for Kiwoko so if you are free come along



Ward Park