Drawin-Symposium organised by Julie Douglas

Due to many commitments over these two weeks I was unable to attend much of Julie’s symposium but enjoyed the few hours I was able to attend this afternoon.

I slipped into see the end of Peter Cooper demonstrating sculpting and then PJ Lynch spending a few hours doing an oil portrait of Rory. It was also lovely to see the oil paintings completed by students this week and listening to Shevaun talk about her botanical art.
Then a very personal but interesting talk by Paul Foxton reinforcing how art is not just a talent some have and some haven’t but amazing what practice can do for us all.

End of Summer

Trying to get out and make the most of the weather we have left and getting cleared up with all the chores around the house at the same time.

One of our favourite places being Killynether wood.smudge gets the chance to be off the lead and rummage around in the leaves.

I did prepare some embossing pieces for the scrapbooking class next week but my main project this week was to complete our bedroom curtains.

Smudge admiring the new curtains waiting for their tie backs.

Sian was working on little face cloth puppies this week and Hilary completed her pattern for the little crochet cradle that curls into a pouch.
Smudge stayed close to Sian knowing there would be something to gain, as there is never craft without coffee and never. Offer without a bite to eat
Coffee and craft funds this month for Kiwoko came to £30.50 thank you to everyone who donated.

Reasons to get out and about

Busy week with the girls and so much activity in he house led to a lot of extra housework and anyone who knows me knows that housework is not a priority for me. Lots of baking to stock up and the oven to clean. I did cheat with the oven and got a professional in.

Any how vacuum and steamer came out, beds stripped, washing and ironing.afte all this I really needed to get out.

We had a lovely time at Castle Ward with friends and the girls obviously hadn’t had their fill of crafts as there they were at it again and lovely work too.gave me some ideas for next summer and card making.smudge was pleased to see her friend Daisy again after one days separation!!

Note the clocks in the tree.we had such fun looking at all the creative items along our walk.

The weather seems to be on the turn so another reason to get out as much as possible to make the most of it. It was J’s birthday this week which he generally doesn’t make a fuss about and it also coincided with our last day looking after Miss K before she starts school.

We had lunch at Phil’s Happy Coffee Bean cafe in Bangor and J got to make the whippy ice cream as a treat for Miss K. She made us some lovely gifts and another Westie to compliment Smudge.
J got a few more surprises when he got to work and all the staff had decided to celebrate with him.
Still time left in the week for coffee and craft and wonderful to see how Jeannette’s quilt is progressing and Tracy has started another cross stitch. I am still doing hand sewing on my bedroom curtains as I was out more than in this week.
Just received a flyer for a craft event coming up. Managed to squeeze in a quick walk at Belmont with Julie and the dogs.

The girls are leaving-where did the week go

Anna attached the strap to her bag and some buttons to decorate. I must say I just love it and she is delighted.now what will we do next year maybe some dress making as she has really mastered the sewing machine.


All bags packed ready to go. Daisy got her last groom and I am not sure whether she will miss Jonathan or he will miss her most.

Day four for the girls and still lots of energy

Poppy and Anna were back to Kidzone this morning and enjoyed the games at Dairy Hall. Anna and I had Starbucks at home this morning so we could get back to bag making.

Anna’s sewing has come on leaps and bounds managing to get the bag clasp in place and the bag lined as well as the strap made.Tomorrow we should get strap attached as well as buttons to decorate.

The dogs have had so much fun and Daisy had us running crazy this morning as she just didn’t want to come in from the garden. The pair of them had plenty of energy racing around Mountstewart as well.

It was sad to hear that none of the swans eggs hatched this time round as the eggs had been pecked by other birds and eventually the parents rolled the damaged eggs into the lake.

After tea the girls did some more craft before playing outside.