American visitors

This weekend we had Megan from Connecticut and Maddie from Nebraska. Of course they weren’t really the centre of attention as Smudge stole that place once again.

Smudge wasn’t too enamoured with the ferry from Portaferry to Strangford but then she wasn’t,t too happy at being awake so early as she promptly threw up before we even reached the post.
She perked up though when we walked in Killynether, one of her favourite places and also becoming a favourite for any of our American visitors.
The weather was amazing for this part of October although winter has been creeping in since.
Short stop before we hiked onward to Scrabo tower of which Megan consistingly calls “Scarborough tower” but we will forgive her on her lack of UK Geography for now.

Megan comes to stay

Eventually despite Megan being here almost a month she got a chance to come visit for the weekend. The weather has been amazing but when the rains came yesterday I thought we might have to spend the weekend indoors. We were so thankful for the sunshine today which allowed us to get out and about. Lunch in the Bay tree in Holywood as a short stop on the way back to Ards through the Craigantlet hills. Smudge greeted us in her usual way and then we were on our way with Smudge attached to Megan’s seatbelt for the best views of the coast.

We met some friends at the autumn fair at Mountstewart. It wasn’t as well represented with craft stalls as it usually is but we enjoyed it none the less. We walked around the lake and up passed Tir Na Nog.
I think Megan was quite taken by the house and gardens, wouldn’t take too much to stop her moving in!!
Smudge extremely happy with her new companion.
Time to move on so we cut across the peninsula to Millisle for Smudge to have a paddle and run around on the beach.
A quick photos top at Ballycopeland windmill before arriving back home to do some preparation for tea. Megan very keen to help out decided to decorate some fairy cakes.
Below Hadden Wilson with her at the college