This time of year again

If you are like me when it’s summer you are very busy and say once the autumn comes i will get so much more done than autumn comes and goes and you make the same plans for Winter. The last few years my aim is not necessarily to reduce my busyness but to ensure in the process I am not hurried and stressed. I feel I have achieved this and it will. Online to be my aim for 2015. Most of my time in the last few weeks has been taken up with preparation for my visit to Kiwoko in Uganda with a team from South Eastern Trust.

Smudge gets very anxious when she sees cases being packed , you would think she would be used to it by now but I guess she is wondering if she is going to. Lots to pack regarding gifts materials needed when I am there as well as donations and thanks to British Airways we have quite a good allowance.

I am looking forward to meeting the craft ladies again under the care of Tania Baker and the Mothers Union ladies with Denise Wilson.

I have still had time for Smudge and my art for relaxation.

Christmas 2014

Christmas means many things to many people and not always a happy time. In my work I see much sadness at this time of year or is it that the season just emphasises it more when people do not have their loved ones to celebrate with or feel lonely or left out for other personal reasons. 

I was working a lot over the holidays and it was inappropriate to wish folk a Merry Christmas as I left their homes when they were in the midst of dealing with a dying relative. It always makes me wonder what expectations they have for themselves and their loved ones with regards to the future. Do they have the comfort and reassurance that the little baby that Christmas is all about has given us choices and the opportunity to grasp the greatest gift of all-eternal life. Many were delighted to show off their Christmas decor and their little nativity scenes which gave the opportunity to mention Christ which can otherwise be a taboo for nurses.

For our own family it has been a very difficult year for a few reasons but the comfort and ongoing support we have received from friends as well as the fact God is right beside us on our journey outweighs the difficulties life throws at us. J and I both had Christmas Day off and it was a delight to spend it with the Cumming family with our usual walk at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, another reminder of God’s great power in creation. 

The weather was perfect for this time of year and we had afun filled  day as well as great food pulled together between us all.  I taught the kids how to play Dutch blitz which brought back the wonderful memories made with family and friends in USA.
It’s now 2015 and no one knows what lies ahead. Coffee and craft and bible studies are resuming and I plan for my trip back to Kiwoko again at the end of the month. It was lovely to have some of the family on New Year’s Day.

This year the ladies are studying Jude and Covenant and I am also thinking ahead regarding a summer study which is always less studious with no homework. Possibly a dolls house and craft fair toward he end of the year as part of ongoing fundraising for Kiwoko but not rushing too far ahead as its best to take One Day At A Time…..