Getting the balance- indoors or outdoors

It’s that time of year where you get a boost of sunshine and all of a sudden there is so much you want to do. The garden is calling out and get there are still so many projects unfinished indoors. J had wanted some bunting for our dresser and after a visit to Donaghadee garden centre it got him nagging again so I had to get to it.
I had all the materials in fact enough materials to do every house in the cut de sac it was just getting started.
The flags done by machine and some garden twine for hanging.
They were a bit boring so some buttons and chicken scratch embroidery to embellish.
It’s also into dog minding season so really need to be out and about as well.

Rising increase in crochet

I am on my second bag and second owl blanket but there are so many other projects I would love to do. It took me many years to get round to pursuing crochet but have realised in the last few weeks how many friends and colleagues who would love to crochet. I found you tube helpful but also a little confusing as I managed to teach myself the U.S. Stitches even though I live in the UK so here are a few stitches to start off step by step. Ensure you use a hook appropriate to the ply of yearn you are using. If you goigle you will find many charts that suggest which hook suits which weight of yarn. In time thoug if working to a pattern you may have to adjust your hook depending on your tension. These examples are done in chunky and a 5mm hook as it’s what I happen to be using at the moment.

See below on making your first loop

You then need to make a chain before starting any pattern(apart from those that start with a ring, but that for another time) in the early stages I found it easier to keep my tension looser than it would have been when I was knitting. When I didn’t I broke the ends off a few hooks initially!!

This is the first chain and repeat until you have enough chains for the pattern. I am doing twenty before I start single crochet which is the UK double crochet.

I have put the hook in the second chain from the hook and the. Wrap the will around the hook

And pull it through the stitch. This leaves two loops on the hook

Wrap wool around the hook and pull through the two loops to complete your stitch.

Cooking, craft and celebrations

It still feels like Winter and some days it feels like the seasons are actually going backward when the snow appears. The seasons always influence what I want to eat so I am still in the mood for soups and stews. My new Crok from pampered chef is getting good use as it holds a little bit more than my creased and their recipe of Asian beef was yummy.

Also still making my winter favourite- boiled cake as well as the usual cupcakes to keep the DH happy. The patchwork isn’t coming along too well as I can’t keep away from the crochet and have started another bag similar to the one below which I sold at the Kiwoko sale in the Ulster Hospital.
Talking of which there are more fundraisers on the way for Kiwoko. I will be having a small slideshow at home on Saturday 25th April on my most recent visit.The men’s golf event is presently available for booking.
I am arranging a Dollshouse and Miniature exhibition with craft fair on 17th October at Sydenham Methodist Church Halls. I still have tables available both for exhibiting which is no cost to the miniaturist and craft sales tables at £15 each. All proceeds to Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda. Coffee and craft dates are on this page for this incoming month.
Jeannette’s quilt above almost finished and my bag below in progress
It has been a busy few weeks but we were delighted to be able to celebrate our niece Stehanies 30th with her and the family. Eternity socials entertaining us well and keeping us fit at the same time.