Life starting to slow down as SUMMER ENDS

Ann finished her skirt in the last few hours of her stay. Didn’t she do so well. I was anxious about her choice of fabric initially but managed to get a pattern that she liked and that suited the fabric. She was delighted and so she should be.its a year since she used the sewing machine and she learned lots more skills from using a pattern and all the jargon within that to gathering, lining and slip stitching.
Minnie went home as well after the Cumming kids and dog and Smudge slipped into her normal routine of being the one and only for attention. We had TJ for just one night and then back to normal.

TJ was so soft and cuddly and loved my attention but Smudge wasn’t bothered so long as she had J.

At last the weather

Needless to say we didn’t spend too much time indoors today. Anna worked on the hem of her skirt whilst Will did some gardening and Poppy was at kidzone.

We went to Castle expire in the afternoon. It’s been two years since we were there and a few ever the event advertised was made out to be much more than it was. Poppy enjoyed finding the birds from the posters and discussing them with the staff member.

We checked out the lookouts and followed the history of the old kiln works.

Poppy below in the dig.
Back to Stone Age
And some climbing.however when you are two years older the wall doesn’t seem as challenging.
Some interesting butterfly species and fun in the secret swamp
Anna did get a little muddy with the help of Will

After tea we took the dogs to Millisle beach and we were all shocked when Anna went in for a swim. Poppy met some friends from kidzone

All dogs needed showers when we got back.daisy ended up with two because after the first one she rolled in the mud and was worse than she had been from the beach.

Halfway through the week

Last year Poppy did some long stitch embroidery. This year whilst making a zebra sock toy she has practiced sewing on buttons and back stitch. I think she is following in her big sisters footsteps.

Anna and I took time out for a Starbucks as we were ahead of schedule.

Anna did gathering for the first time and her skirt waist band is compete and looking good.

Despite having mowed lawns from Ards to Bangor Will still had the energy to do mine
Poppy had another great day at kids club and after we saw pixels at the movie house she did some gymnastics.

Second coat of chalk paint with a little help from Poppy. This time old white.

Relax with my girls

Industrious Day for some

It may have been a busy day for some but certainly restful for the dogs. apart from their after lunch walk they slept most of thedY.they must be exhausted after their hysteria of their first day together yesterday. Will was busy cutting lawns with J and no photographs so we only have their word for it!!
Having prepared her pattern and fabric pieces yesterday Anna was ready to sew.
I think we are ahead of schedule as she wasn’t keen to take any breaks, very enthusiastic.

Poppy had another great morning at kidzone and then did some painting by numbers when we got back from the library this afternoon. As for the dogs they just napped.

Three dogs and three kids

Two very contented trios ready for a busy week ahead.smudge is her usual self when othe dogs staying she will try for attention and if she doesn’t get it she takes the huff by either sticking her nose in the air or walking off shaking a toy. Minnie knows Smudge is boss and accepts that but doesn’t take too kindly of Daisy trying to take over. Daisy on the other hand is very happy to climb over Smudge for attention as she knows she will get away with it most of the time but she is wary of Minnie, as a result they slept in two separate sofas.
Minnie loves the attention and cuddles from the girls and Will likes to walk her. I think she is starting to see the benefits here.

Anna off to a good start having cut out her pattern pieces and fabric pieces today as well as learning the theory. She also discovered that even patterns can have errors, which we discovered in good time otherwise her pattern would have been side ways on her skirt.

Will didn’t stop for a break this morning determined to get the first coat of Annie Sloan s Antoinette chalk paint complete.

First attempt at chalk painting and it’s perfect.

Poppy had lots of fun at kid zone and then they all had a great time at Aurora leisure pools whilst I got some crochet done from the viewing gallery.