Catching up with cousins

Jen and I had a lovely walk after the kids had gone to school.plenty of time to catch up in the last ten months and plenty of sunshine.

More games to watch and this time it’s North Haven with Ada on the ball.

More family came to watch with us and a fair well to me as time running out on this trip.

Some shopping and some great pictures.

I have never seen white pumpkins before!!

Then after a lovely Mexiacn meal I taught Reagan how to crochet and she was a natural.

Surprise visit to USA

I had been pondering a while and then before I knew it the tickets were booked. It was so lovely to be back even though it’s only been ten months.its not baseball season but plenty of soccer to watch.Luke on the ball. I have no photos of Owen as his team are much older and faster I couldn’t get a photo that wasn’t blurred

I really enjoyed Emma’s game especially since I have never seen girls play before.

Time to catch up with other family with pets included. Bentley is a cuddle and the new hen house looks great.

Hooked on crochet

For a number of years this was the one skill I thought I would never possess. It also was a skill that was not so popular but it has certainly came to the fore now. I doubt I would ever have managed if it hadn’t been for u tube as many have tried to teach me. I think if you are a knitter it is more difficult as your mind automatically thinks knitting as in tension and the way you hold your hook.

Blankets and throws are the easiest as you get to learn new stitches and the tension isn’t that important because you aren’t wearing it size doesn’t matter. I made one baby outfit which I found very difficult but got there in the end.
Crochet is much quicker which means I am more likely to finish a project. I generally do not like to make two of the one thing but with all the various wools available thanks to Lulu’s stash I have been repeating bunnies.
I am working my way through the range of Wondersoft of which you can see marshmallow above. I also have two throws on the go as well and a Christmas cal.

This is done corner to corner which is a new technique for me and the decreasing took me a while to get used to.

Meeting up with a few other enthusiasts helped.

There are nine in total and I am presently on number four.

The problem is knowing when to stop and get back to my other crafts but I already plan to join another cal mid September.

Dollshouse Exhibition and craft fair for Kiwoko Hospital

The Dollshouse exhibition and craft fair that we are arranging for fundraising for Kiwoko is creeping closer. some tables still available for exhibitors and crafters but not many as we have thirty taken already

Time for me to finish my own projects. I am never one for repeating projects as I get bored easily and need a challenge. However because the Wondersoft wool comes in a range of variegated colours I have enjoyed making bunny after bunny. As soon as I completed the candy rock one above I started a blue/yellow. 

Lulu had shown a Christmas cal on her Facebook page that drew my attention.i have been wanting to do a corner to corner project and thought this would be ideal as approaching Christmas. Well even to have it complete for Christmas 2016! I love working on it and although generally C2C should be quick there are a lot of colour changes and I like to tidy threads as I go which slows it up. The squares are quite big so just on the decreasing part of the Santa one so far. 

I have been having treatment for my hip so walks have been short but we still get to Mountstewart even if just for lunch.