Moving into Winter

What does winter mean to you? What pictures does your mind conjure? I think of food, being indoors cosy or outdoors well wrapped up with hats and scarves. Despite having a poor summer we have had a mild autumn and as I said before our plants are confused by the weather not knowing whether to bloomer die. I have certainly been indoors more than out and of course this means craft and cooking.last year I waited too long to buy pumpkins and ended up with none so made sure that didn’t happen this year so I would have my pumpkin muffins.

Last year I was having thanksgiving with family in USA but can’t complain as I did have my visit in September which I thoroughly enjoyed. I will look forward to my turkey dinner at Christmas with friends.

I have missed art glasses recently but still aiming to finish any new projects started which I did over two weeks with the pears above. Might even frame them for the kitchen! I’m not sure what my plans are for the new year but definitely aim to simplify life which may mean not attending regular art classes.

I treated myself at a recent fair to a yarn bowl by Mike Mial. It’s great for the yarn I have wound as it sits in the floor and prevents the yarn jumping everywhere and getting tangled. I am managing to get crochet projects completed but also have some knitting ones I am planning. Some items I can’t post at present because they are for gifts but will do in New Year.

This is one of the first blankets I started for my sitting room. It’s sitting on the back of the chair where Smudge likes to sit and watch out.i thought the solid granny squares would look well with the stripes but it did tend to make it wave at one end even though I thought I had it worked out well with one swpquare to eight rows of granny.i love it anyway and so does Smudge.

Of course she prefers her spice of life as big enough to snuggle into

I started this C2C in the coach to Dublin and will be keeping it in the car as a time passer as no pattern to consider .its using stylecraft yarn as well as King cole.two rows of king cole multi colour then two dark pink, two light pink( not exact colour names) pink, two white, two yellow and then it is girlie colours will do a frilly edging of some description. I have written to stylecraft to ask them to make a similar colour in their Wondersoft as the knee they have has blue in it. I feel you either go for blues or pinks but not both in one blanket.

I am presently working on Sophie’s universe above with stylecraft Aran. It’s strange using a bigger hook and heavier yarn as haven’t done so in a while and also remembering to convert from USA crochet terms. Coffee and craft continue with mostly crochet at the moment with some Christmas card making going on. Over £139 raised in November so thanks to everyone for that which will be going to Kiwoko.

Autumn tidy up

Despite the continuing budding of plants winter is creeping in so J has been tidying the garden and removing the window boxes etc. I decided to clear out indoors so started in the attic, unfortunately that came to a halt when I developed a chest infection and was il, for two weeks so the attic is still appealing to me. Think I will have to use a mask next time.

Smudge also needed a tidy up and always gets very anxious about getting groomed so J decided to bring the groomer to her so she wouldn’t be away from home long and hopefully less stressed. She sits here watching what was going on in the drive way.

All seems to have gone well but will be interested to see if she gets anxious next time.

Christmas is almost upon us and we have really little idea of plans but some cards are made and presents wrapped. Lots of November birthdays also

Very little time to get out and about but J and I managed to see the James Bind movie which was excellent and B and I got caught up over lunch and coffee as well as the movie The lady in the van. It was our first visit to Binkys coffee shop which we would highly recommend.