Patchwork past, present and future

Patchwork is one of the many crafts I have dabbled in over the years. I keep coming back to it and though I am self taught and have so much to learn,I have managed to teach others.

I have completed small and large projects by hand and by machine. I can spot my many errors but then are they errors or unique touches!.in the last few weeks I have attended a small group in my local town and have gained so much knowledge from the tutor and fellow attendees and hope to go along to the patchwork guild next week.

I am also seriously considering city and guilds course in patchwork. Yes there are many courses I could do in health care if I was given the chance but the way the NHS is going and many years of refusals I give up on that. Creative crafts have so much more to offer including improving my well being and mental health.
This is my first quilt which has had a lot of abuse on my sofa the last 15-20 yrs. The broken arrow pattern I picked up in California.

This present project is a design from the fennel shed in Buncrana called Wendy’s quilt and after a few initial problems with pieces of pattern missing and not enough fabric I am working away.

I also have a quilt in progress for my bed using very cheap fat quarters and curtain lining.

It will be my first sample of free motion quilting. I have purchased two new feet for my machine of which the quarter inch is already proving to be a dream.looking forward to using the stitch in the ditch foot also. To really go back in time below is a photo of patchwork I started approximately 36 years ago.

In. The midst of this is fabric from a night dress I made in high school, my mums sundress,fabric from a clown fancy dress I made in my teens,fabric from my o level needlework,my mums kitchen curtains I made,my bridesmaid dress for my cousin Mandy’s wedding,and even some from my present hall curtains I made 24 yrs ago.

Cooking and craft

Do you ever get fed up eating the same things and buying the same groceries? I have opted out of my big grocery shop as I have found I just buy and cook the same things.i have wondered the Isles looking for something different.i think I may just do an online shop now once a month but since I have lots of time during the day I will aim to shop locally more often. These little mini cupcakes above are banana and walnut.The curry below with more of an Indian flavour is chicken and spinach to give me some energy at a time of year when we all want to curl up on a sofa away from the weather and sleep.
Sea bass with tomato and garlic and asparagus cooked just as I like it with crispy tips

Quite a variety of craft going on this week as cards and gifts required for birthdays.

I also decided to tidy the craft room which has turned out to be a major task and may go on for some weeks.

Smudge had her routine vaccines and remembered the surgery immediately going into a panic and peeing all over J, but she was forgiven

Time to catch up with family which can be exhausting for some.

But fun at the same time especially when there are new toys.

Coffee and craft

Dates for coffee and craft are down the right side of blog. To view you need to be in the web version night mobile. Some crafts take up more space and time such as scrapbooking and patchwork so some sessions will be marked specifically but this shouldn’t intrude on the open craft sessions that continue

Everyone welcome I just need one day notice so I have enough coffee!!

I require a bit more notice if I need to make up kits.

If there is something new you would like to try just ask and we can go back to basics.

There will be a jar in the coffee table as usual for donations in Kiwoko hospital in Uganda.

After Christmas and New Year

Happy New Hear to all my friends and I wonder what 2016 has in store for you and I. Did you make resolutions and if you did have you broken them already? Personally I don’t make them that way they can’t be broken. With so many public holidays close together and linking weekends this time of year seems to confuse me as I struggle to know what day it is. It’s always a perfect day to craft though.

Completed C2C baby blanket in stylecraft and king cole DK

Last year I really took off with crochet and have lots of projects ahead. I still have my bed quilt to complete and some smaller knitting projects, not to mention the huge dollhouse taking up the hallway. Smudge is demanding as always so thanks to that I do get some exercise!! My job can be mentally taxing at times but not very physical so considering setting my wii back up again.
Sophie’s universe in stylecraft Aran – a work in progress
Regarding work I have decided I did too much last year so don’t plan on doing so much this year. Precept Bible study continues on covenant on the last Wednesday evening of the month as well as the HCF forty minutes study in the last Monday of the month in setrust. Open house coffee and craft dates will appear on blog each month. Weather depending it might just be me but nice to have specific times set aside for don’t need to be a crafter either as the kettle is always on and time for a chat. I do have a little jar in the coffee table if anyone wants to donate to our charity Kiwoko hospital in Uganda of which we raised just over £3000 this year in various events and donations.

Sky blanket in stylecraft DK based on the spice of life cal and the colour of the sky each day

Health wise there have been a few blips in 2015 but in the whole despite ageing I feel great. I have moved into contact lenses which gave a little more freedom especially when working. I have now been taking aloe Vera gel which seems to have had some effect in removing my dairy intolerance that I have suffered since 2012 so I am now a distributor for Forever Living.