Patchwork quilting- cutting the cost

Traditionally patchwork quilts were made from recycled fabrics such as old shirts and dresses that could no longer be worn. When we go back to the turn of the 20th Century this showed a very different picture from today. When we throw off our “rags” it is more likely because they do not fit or we have got bored with them, so there is generally a lot more wear in them. Most of my no longer required items go to charity and I wouldn’t dream of cutting them up.

It still needs its border. I made this from a mini moda jelly roll. Each strip was only 1.5 inches. I can’t remember where I bought it but must have been a bargain at the time.

Fabrics have become so much more expensive hence so have quilts. I have always admired quilts whilst visiting family in USA but what I had noticed about the quilts today is the amount of colour. I must say I still prefer the muted tones and although we have many more varied dyes than were available in the past they are still my preference. I love to admire the antique quilts in the quilt shop in Greyabbey ( The Collectible Quilt Company), ,which by the way does not fit my budget, but you really need to visit.The one thing that stood out for me was the amount of white. This was due to the amount of flour bags that were readily accessible in those days. I bet they grabbed them up as quick as we would a bargain on eBay now. 

I decided I would make a large quilt for my bed using mostly white and as we don’t use flour bags now my cheapest option was the cheapest curtain lining from the skip fabric store in Newtownards. This I felt would also allow me the opportunity to play around with quilting patterns to a larger scale than I have in the past. However I do not have a long arm quilting machine so I imagine I will do this by hand so my free motion quilting can wait a while longer. The green fabrics were inexpensive fat quarters from the craft cotton co.I will stitch in the ditch first to hold things together as there is a lot of give in the white cotton. Well you only get what you pay for!

Time to craft

Although I seem to spend most of my time crocheting I have still managed to paint this week and complete the design module for my Cit and Guilds course.

This set was done in stylecraft chunky and I got the patterns via Hopeful Honey. They were quick to do but took five weeks for the buttons to be delivered.

The stylecraft kitten was made for a gift nd I did the matching patchwork bag.

Above is the beginning of an alpaca throw for myself.this yarn has been in my stash for a while, surprise,surprise

A new baby blanket started in one of the new stylecraft Wondersoft colours and also stared a bunny in it as well

I think it’s my favourite out of the three new colours.

Below the base for a new oil painting in progress

Oh and not to forget the N.I Big sock continues with more donations coming in.

N.I Big Sock on tour

St Georges Market, Belfast

You will get further details of this project from previous posts (or check out the official face book page )but in the last week we have been getting out and about raising awareness and many have picked up new skills by completing hexagons for the project.

St George’s Market

Then it was off to the Folk and Transport museum to teach this skill that was more practical in the early 19th century rather than something for fun as due to finances everything had to be recycled so last years tattered clothes became this years new bed linen.

Many took a new interest and others were not so new to the skill.

Look out for us at our next venue which might be close to you

Ballydugan  weavers cottage for today’s event.

Brown’s Bay, Islandmagee and Whitehead

After a week drought with migraine it was bliss to feel well and be out in the fresh air. I think Smudge was starting to feel very claustrophobic too and so excited in the car. Her patience was fraying big time as she scolded us as we travelled but well worth the wait.

Brown’s bay is always a favourite but this time we didn’t bother with the beach but took to the hills and she enjoyed a good snif in an unfamiliar area. 

It was very calm but I still like to be well wrapped up.

Smudge enjoyed a good race around which certainly tired her out as no bother in the car on the way home.

Then off to The Gobbins for lunch and ice cream at Rinkha. My first ice cream in 14 years and it was yummy.

Not Smudges first!! Then onto Whitehead for the second walk of the day.

Everyone can get involved with the N.Ireland Big Sock

Stormont launching the big sock

Do you want to be part of a great event then stop right here very little skills required depending on your participation. If you just want to draw around. Template and cut out paper pieces or if you want to cut out or simply donate fabric get in touch.

If you know of any groups who would like to participate also get in touch. We can pass you in some templates and give instructions.this is open to all age groups, male and female.

There are a lot of hexagons to be made to beat the Guiness book of records for the worlds largest sock why not help us make this huge Christmas stocking.