Sewing in my new work room space and catching up with old friends

I have been so busy sewing I have barely been over the door but had a lovely meal out with friends at Papa joes New Orleans restaurant, one of my favourites locally.

This week I managed to get a number of samples done for my coursework.

The fabric for this was hand dyed and printed with the blocks I made last module.reverse of the hand folded patchwork below.

Really enjoyed making the crazy patchwork today.


Some embroidery on the strips initiLly before they were cut again 

 think I will practise a bit before I do some free motion quilting on the border

Above a little gift for a friend

‘Blowing in the Wind’ Irish quilters at Haptik , Newtownards

I really don’t have anything to write on this subject other than get down their fast before the exhibition finishes.

In each room there is a brochure explaining how each quilter was inspired and the pros and cons of working in a group rather than your own individual piece.

I can highly recommend the wares of Haptik as well especially the yummy hot chocolate 

Lots of different skills employed throughout the exhibits.

As well as influences from other countries.

I think this was one of my favourites and loved how the words rolled through the wind. I particular liked the texture of the one above, but of course you are not to touch!

What amazed me most was the huge variation of skills, textures and colours from one title


When you drive through this village you wouldn’t think there was much to see other than boats but there are hidden treasures nd you need to explore.

We had a very interesting tour of the process of hand knotted rugs was explained as it had been in earlier years in Donegal.all I can say is their eyesight and hands must have suffered dreadfully never mind repetitive strain injuries.

I have seen and done this before whilst in a visit to India only difference I could see was the Irish sat in a bench and the Indians on the floor.

It was quite a skill but yet the workers probably very low paid compared to most professions.

This ongoing rug above is being made voluntarily by a lady who did work there when the factory was running.

There was also a small fisheries museum where J got to steer a boat into harbour…simulated of course.


 we travelled to Ardara via the Glengesh pass.At times we felt we were the only car on the road but we were in the middle of nowhere.

 A walk in the forest to stretch our legs. smudge doing well with no eveidence of a limp until the end of the day.

Narin beach was beautiful so we spent a few hours here

we then drove on to portnoo and Rossbeg, stopping at the beaches of course.


 The last stop before home was the waterfall near Maghera

Slieve League

Again another sunny day as we travelled to Slieve league to see the cliffs. Our second day of our holidays in Donegal.

 The scenery reminded us very much of that at The Giants Causeway, Co Antrim.

 You can see one of the old signal towers on the cliff edge.

 We had ice cream then moved on to Malin Beg Beach