North haven and Newhaven

The farmers market in Ct before heading to Northhaven.

View from Alexion which is Chris’s work in Newhaven.

Ada and Reagan in the gym.

View of Yale from the offices.

The Wolsey chapel at Yale.

Walking around Yale.

Jen and I.

Some beautiful buildings and gates in Yale.

The library above and below.

J in the library.

The first African American graduate of Yale.

Ada and J best buddies.

Back in North Haven


J’s first time in Boston so we took a 90 minute tour with a wonderful guide. I stopped to purchase a soda before starting the tour only to discover the girl serving was from Portadown and just working in the US for the summer.

Boston common.Karyn and Bruce.

We were told these graves were haggledy piggledy so they decided to rearrange them so most of them aren’t over the original sites of burial.

The first president of USA.

Just wondering if this is one of my ancestors.

The site of the original first school above.

The site of the Boston massacre

This used to be the tallest building in the city.

I couldn’t believe the birds nd squirrels so close together..