Lagan Valley Friendship Day

What a wonderful welcome from like minded friends spanning from Dungannon to Portavogie. The work shown was amazing and therefore I have more pictures than words as they speak for themselves.

 This beadwork I adored and felt would look well in a wallhanging with some of Jennie Rayments folding . The photograph of the bag doesn’t do it justice as the fabric all around was so coordinating and my favourite colours. It was also very well put together.
It wasn’t just quilts being shown off as you can see but anything from bags to hats and lots of ideas for small gifts that can use up small scraps.
 There was something 
For everyone and many ones and has heard and swapping of ideas and suggestions.
It was great to see a number of ladies from the NIPG .




Fiddle blankets for Alzheimer’s.



What we did with stack and whack technique.

A few ladies from the N.Ireland Patchwork Guild got together to work in the stack and whack technique which is shown online by Bethany Reynolds. It was a fun day and amazing to see how fabrics with different designs brought out more designs.

This fabric I had bought a few years ago in Joanns in USA. It’s great to be able to use stuff from your stash.
 Stacking but being precise, well almost! I am not a perfectionist but then I do not make to sell. Also if you are using up fabric it may not always be exactly what you need so you have to improvise. 
It is amazing the positions we get into. 
I hadn’t planned what I was going to make 
just make a few motifs then see how my 
fabric stretched.

I love learning new techniques and then seeeing how I can use them so I prefer not to look at other people’s over all designs.
Great to get advice from friends as you progress and even 


Better to learn from their mistakes so you don’t make your own.
A nice idea from Esme so didn’t take too much fabric or time.
So many different patterns. I’m not sure about my patterns although not very clear kaleidoscope still apparent.
 I loved them all and can’t wait to see finished items from the members. I am determined to get more projects finished so although a little rushed pleased with my finished product.
The other fabrics I had from my stash complimented very well and they will match my sewing/ craft room perfectly.
And for the finished quilt… don’t look too close at the points and the tension and stitching isn’t always perfect but I love it just the same.

Jennie Rayment- Fabulous Folding Fanatic

 We were very fortunate to have Jennie at the NIPG such a treat to have he entertain us as she showed off her quilts which you can see to the let and below.

 I thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon workshop which was a change to machine sewing and piecing large pieces of fabric.
It felt very therapeutic to fold and handsew the calico that fell into place perfectly just as she directed. If you haven’t been to a workshop or purchased one of her books I recommend you do ASAP.
 Jennie held our attention with her witty comments and very helpful tips and advice. She managed to be right beside just when you had a question about the next step.

 Example of what we were striving for.

Would we need a button or not?






I plan to repeat both of my samples nd make into a wallhanging at some point.




A Trip to the Copeland Islands


For years I have been planning to go to the Copeland so eventually Smudge and I were off. The photo above was on the boat on the way back when it started to rain but it had been a perfect Autumn day before that.
 We set off from Donaghadee harbour for a 20 minute smooth boat trip. Smudge was extremely nervous and cuddled tightly into me on my knee. However as soon as I lifted her onto the island she was in her element, as so much to explore and sniff.

About halfway across it was quite choppy but I was amazed I didn’t feel sick or anxious maybe cause my focus was on Smudge. Some friends of mine happened to have booked the same trip so we had quite an adventure together. We also had a complete stranger who joined us as we walked through beach, rocks, grass and reeds.



We walked to the right initially following the shore but then decided as we didn’t have time to circumnavigate the whole of the island we would cut through the middle to see if we could find any seals. There had been dolphins earlier in the week but not today.


We found old roads and imagined how it would have been to live here with no utilities. Very different today just using it for a holiday getting away from civilisation. It appears the Copeland name may have came from the de Coupland family who came to the Newtownards peninsula in the 12th Century.

  There are three islands included in the Copeland Islands: the Great Copeland Island, the Lighthouse Island (which does not have a lighthouse now) and Mew Island which does have a lighthouse. Over a century ago the Lighthouse Island had a population of about 100, including a school master with 28 pupils. In 1671 James Ross obtained a fee farm grant of these and in 1770 David Kerr purchased the islands from the Earl of Clanbrassil. As the islands were a danger to ships a light beacon was made on the Lighhouse Island (Cross Island) in about 1715, it burned over 400 tons of coal every year. In 1796 the new British and Irish Lighthouse Board announced the erection of oil lamps and in 1813 the new lighthouse was built. In 1884 a new lighthouse was built on Mew Island. In 1954 the Bird Observatory was established by Arnold Bennington. Until the 20th century, the islands were used by smugglers who brought tobacco and spirits through the islands and into County Down(Wikipedia)

We thoroughly enjoyed our exploration but we’re even keener to find some seals so we walked until we could see the other islands.


We had to be careful about our time as we didn’t want to miss the boat back but just around the corner we got to see some seals. First of all we saw an adult head in the distance then a grey pup. I climbed round a bit further to find a pup basking.however when I tried to alert the others with encouragement from its mum it scuttled into the water toward her. It was amazing to see and we then kept our distance so as not to frighten them.




Having met the seals we were ready to ramble back to the boat. A rainbow appeared with a very light shower.
Smudge really didn’t see what the fuss was about the seals she was more interested in rolling in seaweed.


Autumn and Art

Autumn has been amazing and although it’s now Winter it’s still mild.

This pig was photographed a number of years ago and eventually got round to painting of the Henderson pigs I decided to do in oils.

I spent a full day and then just added bits over time