I am sure I have heard the names Antibes before but never thought much of where it was. We took the train from Nice and it was such a beautiful journey along the coastline. A beautiful place, small but with the nicest old town and the usual marinas you find on the French Riviera.

 This started out as a stop in the way to Cannes but it was as much an outing in itself. The fort has a story to tell for us and I doubt J will be quick to try visit kne again. Personally I enjoyed the hike to it.
We walked along the Marina and decided then to go and see the fort. It closes around lunch time which you really must be aware of. We approached it from a harbour trail around the coast to what looked like the entrance. j was certain it wasn’t as no parking and looked like a forgotten dirt track but there were signs so we entered and walked along the dusty track amongst the cacti until we reached the foot of the fort. We followed signs clockwise around the fort. It was the hottest part of the day so not an easy trek. 


We walked until we realised we were back to where we started. This was when we remembered it was closed for lunch which was why we had passed the only door which was closed without thinking. At this point it would now be open but J had had enough and was not going back. It was nice to see even from the outside so we went toward town for refreshments before getting the train to Cannes.



The Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild meet with the Irish Patchwork Society for "Aurora"

 I start with a close up of my favourite piece which to me represents art in stitch as much as quilting. The form of the dancer is perfect as far as I can see especially the skin tones. I can not begin to imagine the hours of work gone into this never mind the planning.

This is a “hands Across the Border exhibition put together by two oups and was first on display in Eire and will return for a further exhibition at the knitting and stitching show later in the year. This present display ends Saturday at the Island Arts centre in Lisburn.
This piece was made by Ethelda Ellis and called “Princess Aurora”

I am doing my best to read the names and titles from photograph so apologies if I get it wrong as they are a little hazy when enlarged.
It wasn’t just the variety of colour and ideas of inspiration from the title but the variety of techniques used in each quilted piece. 
I am fairly new to the idea of design having just completed my first city and Guilds in design and Patchwork level 2. It’s all so exciting to see what other people reproduce bringing together many techniques not just from quilting but paint, embroidery (hand and machine) and adding in materials I would not have considered before.
“Aurora Flow” by Mary Nolan Murphy

“Falling” by T McElwee


“The Dawn of Time” by AnneJames. A few quilts had some felting included which enhanced the texture and I think gives it an Irish feel.
“catching the Light” by Gillian Barr. I love the inclusion of acantha.

“Aurora”  By Janet Kirkwood. I saw this in its early stages and amazed by its development. Janet always inspires me as to what she can make from nothing.
“Under an Arctic Sky” by Mary Maguire.
More to follow……

Monte-Carlo and Monaco

 The wealth here was certainly not hidden from the huge glamorous buildings to designer shops and cars. Interestingly though all of which I really didn’t have any interest. For those who can afford it all doesn’t seem to bring hem happiness.

The only real thing that comes to mind for me is Princess Grace who had a very tragic end and seemed a well loved princess.
J was able to quote various movies that had been at least partly filmed here but I had no clue which would be no surprise to those who know me.


The boats were fairly impressive too but then again I had no interest as I am so seasick


Now this person I did recognise…George Best only because I did meet him years ago with my dad.


I think this car was around€250 000 but that was because it was second hand. You could get picnic sets to match some of the cars for €28 000. 

The hair pin bend as part of the Grand Prix.
Back to Nice for dinner, although expensive not compared to here.
A stroll along the promenade back to our hotel. I love this Art Deco 


French Riviera- Eze

 We took the bus to Eze after walking to old town and getting the tram to Vauban. Such a beautiful spot and a little cooler fortunately.

 I purchased a lovely French sundress from one of the many quaint shops in the little nooks and crannies of the village.
 The exotic garden further up the village was well worth the visit for €6



  It was as I was reading in Society’s Queen Edith’s love developing for her garden and that of the European and more foreign plants but also her initial distasteof cacti. I have always enjoyed looking at cacti and as my memory is so poor regarding the watering of my plants they are the ones more likely to survive.