Last day with the kids

Although Ballycopeland Windmill is so close to my home the kids couldn’t remember visiting before so off we went in the dreary weather. The video presentation at the beginning is very good and it was lovely to see the renovated Windmill

The interactive activities could do with being refreshed and some were broken. I also didn’t notice anywhere you could leave a donation for the upkeep.

In the afternoon after 3 of the kids had gone home Miss L and I visited Mountstewart and I gave her an individual tour and introduced her to other friends who worked there.

She was genuinely interested in Lady Edith her interest in mythology and writing but then who wouldn’t be she was certainly one of a kind. She was disappointed not to see the Winnie the Pooh book but pleased to see the magic inkpot.
Although it was a miserable day we managed to check out the formal gardens without getting wet between showers and we finished off with a cuppa in the tea room.

Day Four -Ulster Museum

Since we were in the city we decided to nip over to the Victoria Square and see the pop up museum. The dragons look very much at home as does the ferguson tractor and the fixed winged plane.

Time for a cuppa so a visit to Starbucks to keep us going to teatime
Then a quick visit to the Ulster Museum as the kids wanted to see the tapestry I helped embroider. They posed beside one of the dragons I did.

Day four-Belfast city Hall

I recently saw an ad on Facebook stating how much there was to see at Belfast City hall and all for free and I immediately thought what a great place to take the kids.

I  had visited before briefly but just as part of my art group to do some sketching in the rotunda and lunch in the cafe. This tour was very informative and the lady who gave the tour spoke very clearly despite the large group. Interesting to hear how tha large chandeliers lower to the ground for cleaning by remote control and how the windows were removed at the beginning of the war huh saved them from the bombings that damaged a large part of the building.

I particularly liked these greenish pillars from Greece and the interesting painting showing off many aspects of Belfast geography and industry

We all had the opportunity to sit in the mayors seat

Of course my attention was drawn to the embroidery

Day four-a visit to HMS Caroline

I decided to take the kids to HMS Caroline out of my own curiosity but what a surprise. We all had a fantastic time. It didn’t seem very busy which was great as we strolled around at our leisure. The audio tour was excellent and it was a game in itself to spot the points we had to point our audio wands to to get more history.

None of us knew anything about the ship but to learn in this way brought it all to life. The introductory film helped bring us back in time at the beginning of the tour.

The fitting out of the ship was excellent and we could easily see the differences between the various levels of staff comforts.

The staff were very friendly when seen but also rather invisible which allowed us to get on with our tour at our own pace.

The interactive activities were excellent helping the kids understand the methods of communication at that time.

It ŵas a bit blowy on deck

The only negative aspect was that the car park was quite a but away. No problem for us as it was a dry day but for someone a bit frailer or in winter weather would be miserable walking from car park.

Day four-finished projects

It’s been a fun week for the girls but also for me seeing how their skills have developed over the years. Miss A’s bag turned out perfect, one I think I will make with the younger girls another time.

This was a kit from create and craft and the quality of the fabrics made it well worth the cost.

Their cushions also turned out well. Miss P’s accuracy with her machine sewing is extremely good for her age and the points of her squares matched well in most cases. She also has a flair for colour and design. Miss L grasped the hand embroidery well as she had a little more concentration. Both girls can use the sewing machine now with little to know supervision.