Coffee and craft- time to get things finished

I thoroughly enjoyed the Spicier life cal and managed to get it completed within a week of it being completed. J felt it was too nice to keep so I will do another at some point and one for sale in my IrishMinidoe etsy shop.

I also finished a C2C baby boy blanket for my stash also on Etsy.

This year I also decided any workshop items had to be finished as close to their start date as possible and so far so good. Loved this embroidery with Margaret Lee. I tweaked my design a bit.

A little design in progress which is for sale on Etsy but I will have completed pattern soon.

Coffee and craft- N.I Big Sock

Pamela came to visit and we had a morning to focus on hexagons for the N.I Big Sock. Very industrious morning with paper cutting, fabric cutting and sewing.

Still time for a cuppa and a chat of course.
I have lots of supplies do we can continue on any coffee and craft morning. Just check out the dates and let me know you are coming along.

Coffee,craft and classes at no.55

I know my plan this year has been to finish projects and I am doing quite well at that so far but I have started some too but only if I really need something!!

I did the spice of life call so when spicier life came out of course I had to start it and only one week left so it will very quickly be a finished project thenI plan to get back to my Sophie’s universe I started ages ago with stylecraft Aran. 
I designed a corner to corner on request for a unicorn so plan to make a kit for that.
My other designs this season have been in chicken scratch with one fully booked class last week and two more classes coming up November and December. Kits are also for sale for all three classes but if you haven’t sewn before check with me first which would be best but will have on my etsy shop soon. The beginners chicken scratch was a very successful morning with the majority of students new to hand sewing never mind chicken scratch.
I have had a request for other handsewing so working on some new designs for post Christmas.

If only I had a few more days in the week!
Some people too shy to have their faces in the photos.

Get in touch if you are interested in any of the classes on the right


Most of the coffee and craft sessions with no specific class may involve crochet so if you are keen to learn just let us know. Beautiful C2C by Kerry below in flutterbys

Not forgetting our Xmas decorations free patterns from you tube, can’t claim them as my own but I did tweak them a bit

Painting water colour and oil

I started drawing and painting about five years ago and I am delighted how much I progressed in this time thanks to Julie Douglas. Somebody commented to me recently I could never paint at your standard and my response was simply I couldn’t paint at my standard either.

Whilst learning to draw I actually learned how to look at the world around me and was amazed at what I saw. What had I been looking at all these years or more to the point why didn’t I take the time to look. For most of us the world goes racing by. I learned to draw, paint and slow down.
This little lady on the left belonged to a work colleague and friend and how better a thank you than to paint her pig before it moved on. I had never painted an animal before and already knew I didn’t enjoy painting people. However I could consider her still life as she was a photograph sitting on my table!
I learned a lot doing this last year and her new owner just loved her. This then led onto a request which at first I laughed off but then after a while I questioned myself “Could I ” and I did. The request was not for an animal but another prized possession…a tractor.
I spoke to Julie who was very encouraging and so I got started with out agreeing to the request but busying away in the back ground just in case it didn’t work out.
An outline first just to get me into the idea of the shape but this very quickly vanished as I started with the dark background and foreground colours staying away from the actual tractor for a while as it was quite scary. Once I started on the tractor I lost all detail which had to be put in again as I progressed..
It’s a bit play school looking in this one above. I did have fun on the sky  though and the foreground reminded me of my work on a previous golf painting I did for charity. Here it is below ready for collection by its new owner where it will go to meet the pig.

This one below is a water colour I painted a few years ago and it’s been hiding in a portfolio ever since. A cousin in USA recently shared a photograph of a peony rose which brought my painting to mind so out it came and was framed and is now displayed on the wall.