Embroidery home and away

Although I enjoyed my visit to the V&A I was disappointed how little embroidery or lave was on display.

I spotted this panel in the iron works area and decided at some point it would look well done in blackwork. A little project for the future since I have two other pieces in progress inspired by stonework at Mountstewart. If only there were more hours in the day! It’s an 1862 radiator panel designed by Alfred Stevens (1817-1875) and made by Henry Hoole and company of Sheffield.

The embroidery on these costumes was worth seeing. I love to see historical items as these.

Beautiful quilt

Some theatrical costumes

Time to focus on my own embroidery although there has been little due to injuring my right thumb presumably at work

National Portrait Gallery

Mountstewart volunteers last day in London

What a wonderful behind the scenes tour of the items we hope to have at Mountstewart later in the year. The staff were so helpful and as interested in what we had to say.

We all knew how renowned Lady Edith Londonderry was in her time but to see her portrayed outside of Mountstewart heightened our awareness of her power and role for women.

We looked at the male figures who also had a lot of influence for and against women in their fight for equality in voting.


The votes for women exhibition in the gallery open to the public.

Many of the group were anxious about the snow and getting back to the airport but I nipped back to the V&A