Embroidery my passion

The world of embroidery is an escape. You can make the world appear a better place or just change it completely. My greatest inspiration comes from my volunteer work at MountStewart house. Edith Lady Londonderry had great plans for her house and garden. I was very fortunate to have conversations with her daughter who was also in awe of her brilliance and now I see the radiance from her grand daughter as she speaks of her inspirational grand mother also.  I marvel at the ideas and energy she had but then again she also had the budget to match. Most of my work is bringing the inexpensive and expensive together. The trees above are made from twine I used for pipe dyeing. It became a reddy brown colour in the process.
The ark if you visit MountStewart is on the Dodo terrace. It represents a club she had with lots of influential members if the day. The flamingo represents the flamingoes she received as gifts from King Fuad. Lots of vegetation and bamboo found throughout the gardens and trails. The serpent she had as a tattoo from her ankle to her thigh. The little coronet identifies her position as Marquess and the rose as a symbol from the women’s legion she set up.
In this individual piece that is shrunk in the one above I have used double knitting yarn. The smaller one above is also double knitting but a Donegal tweed. The serpent was larger here so there is more detail in the black silk. The silk threads I use come from the silk mill in France. A lovely mother daughter business producing the finest quality of threads with speedy delivery and communication despite the distance. If you take any of my embroidery classes you will be sure to use them at some point. I particularly like the coal black shade for my blackwork
The monogrammed piece below is available for a class individually or a group in October. My regular students are all signed up. So what next…there are always more designs floating around ready for the time to put down on paper.
Butterflies are the most likely subject. The butterfly signifies the resurrection, new life and a continuous cycle. The coronation gown of Edith Lady Londonderry was embroidered with them.

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