Moving on…

3669C032-7C0C-4B92-88D0-B93D65F9DC98Above a piece inspired by MountStewart flower meadow.

So how is your New Year going? If you made any resolutions have they lasted even this far? If not note to self not to make any next year. We don’t need negativity so we shouldn’t trap ourselves in goals that we are not likely to achieve. This goes for all areas of our lives. The new year is a good time to think things afresh but be realistic, live within your means and make sure your schedule gives emergency time out space.

I have just completed a level 3 course in hand embroidery. Some parts were challenging but not so much to cause stress just a little push where needed to step out of my box. Business and marketing was a large part at the end of the course and this was unknown terrritory for me but I learned so much from it.

I am looking forward to a long weekend away to work on some unfinished projects. Moville in Co Donegal I am sure will not only help finish projects but inspire me for many more. The days feel milder and mornings brighter so roll on over to Spring.

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