Changing Times


Sometimes when we make a decision we feel it will be for life. When we bought the house we lived in we looked at every circumstances and decided no matter what happened in life this house was suitable. This house became our home 27 years ago and I still feel that way about it despite the changing neighbours. When I took on a job with the rapid response nursing service 11 years ago I felt I was making the same choice but this time circumstances changed outside of my control and this team no longer exists as it did. I am thankful that I have moved on and in fact really enjoying the flexibility of choosing who and when I want to work for. I am fortunate to have been accepted to a variety of nursing services.


I received lots of gifts and many kind words.


The weather is getting milder so more opportunity to get out and about with Smudge. She us over ten now so nit as fit as she used to be but a fun day at PetNose Day at MountStewart.



A little trip out to Nendrum. I am presently working full time until I see exactly what I want to concentrate on most but still time for crafting.


Teaching remains the same with hand embroidery or patchwork one Wednesday evening a month and one Saturday morning and I don’t plan on changing these in the near future. Saturday does tend to book up quickly. See details in events page. The Bible study group are Jon the midst of studying Romans and this is the last Wednesday evening in the month, group full at present.

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