Lace Guild of N.Ireland

8EE15728-2E95-43D7-AE49-59659E3A9A0EIn September I decided to go along to the N.Ireland lace guild. I had worked with some lovely ladies on the Game of thrones tapestry who were part of the guild and they encouraged me to come along. With my first love being embroidery which I feel is very closely connected, I decided to try my hand at lace making.

Regarding embroidery I like to design my own pieces so after a trial piece of Carrickmacross lace I decided I would make up my own design. Most of my work is influenced by my volunteering at MountStewart house   so of course it was likely to influence the lace as well. I decided on the initials of Lady Londonderry and felt they worked well with the stitches required for Carrickmacross without losing the fact they were initials. I am not sure if she had any personalised lace so maybe this is the first, better late than never!


I thoroughly enjoyed the Montmellick workshop as well by a wonderful lady from Cork, an excellent teacher, Veronica Stuart.

Many of the members are very much involved in bobbin lace making. Although it is beautiful it is so far removed from my other interests I really do not have time at present to attempt. However I was very impressed by some of the work by one of their younger members Zandra Williams (seen above).

I am looking forward to the new season in September to possibly try other forms of lace.

7 thoughts on “Lace Guild of N.Ireland”

  1. Hi,
    I have recently developed an interest in bobbin lace making and I’ve been trying to contact the NI Lace Guild to enquire about joining and going to meetings and learning more about bobbin lace meetings. I’ve had no reply through their website so I thought I’d ask if you would know how I could contact anyone from the guild who could help me.

    Many thanks,
    Mrs Ann Adams


      1. I’d love to go. I’m a complete beginner with much to learn but it would be lovely to go to the meeting.

        Thank you so much for your help.


      2. Come along I will be there. Membership is £25 for the year. November would be good as all working on our own things so you would see a lot. I will be there


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