Still social distancing.

Apart from holidays being cancelled I have not been bothered too much by lock down and love working from home as find it so much more efficient. You learn so much about yourself when you are forced out of your comfort zone and I am sure there are many things I will not return too post Covid-19. We have decided to stop using a dog groomer for one as although hours was brilliant I have discovered I can manage my self and Smudge is happy too, so a little saving there. Whilst we have managed without a hairdresser, this is not something I will give up though and although we are presently managing a professional cut in the near future will be welcomed.

We have been very blessed with beautiful weather and with living close to Strangford Lough on one side and beaches on the other, our regular being Millisle we are spoilt for choice.

I have never been a shopper as find it such a waste of time when I could be making something. To have to queue for something is much worse especially when you get into the shop they might not have what you want. The best way I found during lock down was to avoid shops even more than I normally do. I generally do bake as prefer my own treats to those in stores But have not baked bread since I had a bread maker many years ago so decided to start. I started my own sourdough starter rather than commercial yeast as that would have been a hassle having to buy it and not as healthy anyway. I tried a few recipes for sour dough and brioche until I found what I liked. The pizza dough was also a big hit, so much so a friend came to get a take a way.

I had a socially distanced visit with my mum in her garden which she has spent so much time in as she has not been able to go out anywhere.

I also had a friend make a socially distanced visit to my garden.

So am I excited about getting back to normal, NO, I like my new normal, just a few tweaks so I can visit family. I can see this new way if life has more pros than cons.

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