Sun&Sea Corner to Corner (C2C) summer picnic blanket.



I rarely have One project on the go at any one time. To be honest rarely one project on any craft at any one time. My to do list constantly gets longer. I have created for as long as I remember. Most of my work is self taught but a number of years ago I started studying with the School of stitched textiles

My aim was to consolidate my own learning In one hand and give me a solid base for my work. It was not a new thing for me to study at a distance as I had also studied with the Open University for many years. Anyway I love learning at my own pace and could not have enjoyed the textile stitches more. I studied, Patchwork and hand embroidery and thoroughly enjoyed the design parts of the course.


I changed employment  a year ago and like any change it takes time to adjust, these adjustments were for the better but my design and embroidery has been on hold. However it has been nice to dabble in a bit of design, like I have done on this crochet project.

I had been completing a crochet cal by Eleanor Tully of Coastal crochet

I had previously completed her Stash busting seaside blanket but working on her beach combing blanket was bliss.


We had just gone into lock down and I enjoyed her weekly instalments of the blanket and her videos of her local beach. It encouraged me to walk on my own local beach, which has brought great pleasure and relaxation. It is also what inspired my own Sun and Sea summer picnic blanket. If we ever get to work together again rather than working from home this blanket will be used as part of a work charity fundraiser. Most of the time it took to make the Sun and sea was what would have been commuting time.


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