Sock obsessed

In my era at school we made TV slippers which many folk would have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. They were very short socks and had a Pom Pom on each one. Rather hideous but I enjoyed making anything and still do. I started knitting myself a pair of socks after buying yarn in a bargain bucket which came with a free pattern about five years ago. I only finished them last year.


Whilst I was still working during lock down I did not waste so much time travelling because when on the road no one else was or I was working from home so decided to use up some stash and in the midst of it all was more sock yarn. I discovered Winwick mum and got my four needles out to try her lovely Lacey pattern with some yarn I had as a gift from a friend a year or so ago and just love the result. The camera is not great with blues so the darker colour is more true.

i had never crocheted socks before but remembered my friend Jill had and thought I would give it a go as crochet is generally quicker and I do have a lot of stash so she lent me a wonderful book and I ended up purchasing a copy. New methods for crochet socks . I made a pair for my self and as my hubby was feeling left out I made him a pair too.Mine are made from stylecraft all sports red pop.

Although the crochet is quicker I started another pair on my four needles. I find using them therapeutic and never did like circular needles and some baby and toddler socks.

so the yarn stash has gone down dramatically and I needed a treat, one that does not put on weight and I discovered Vicki Brown and joined her sock club. She dyes her own yarn and designs patterns. In the process with my first pair so watch for future instalments.

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