November days out and preparing for Christmas

Having Monty has been such a blessing getting out and about, with a little kitchen and toilet on board which is extremely useful during a pandemic. unfortunately the government do not seem to understand the benefits. However for us we are keeping safe and away from everyone whilst enjoying the fresh air and boosting our mental health. we can be seen in Groomsport or Millisle mostly,

The decorations usually go up around the 1st of December. It is quite an event as much decor comes down to make room for them and they all have their place. We have the Christmas music on and Smudge loves the fuss as she wears her Christmas scarf Lucy bought her many years ago.

Cranberry flap jacks and short bread made as well as organising the Xmas day menu. Parsnip, bacon and roast parsnip soup followed by raspberry sorbet and melon. A little break before the turkey dinner with all the trimmings of Brussels sprouts with lardons and cocktail sausages cooked with cranberries, roast carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Cream potatoes and gravy. A glass of Prosecco and profiteroles for dessert. We always eat at 5 so we can go out in the morning to the beach.

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