Outdoor living space

I feel the slightest draft so takes a lot to get me outside and despite the greenhouse effect On the environment I have enjoyed the better weather we have managed to get this year.

And National Trust-Rowallane

And love carrying out surveys for Shore (NI) to support Ulster wildlife gets me out from my sedentary work life

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Summer 2022- is the pandemic over??

Following the Queens Jubilee celebrations, we dared to leave N.Ireland for the first in nearly three years and took outer trusty camper to Edinburgh. I did not just bring memories home but Covid as well extending my time off work a bit more!

We visited many castles on our journey from Cairnryan, Glencoe, Inverness, Ballater and Drum.

My pavlova the size of the oven and fit for the Queen
70 yr celebration bandana


So which is your favourite? There are so many things I love about different seasons which is just as well living in N.Ireland as we can have all in one day.

I am not a fair weather walker and enjoy a drizzle as much as a walk in sunshine that can leave you feeling sticky and drained. Living in North Down and Ards allows for so much exploration

Craft events or walk in an island, climb to the tower, explore the old mines and quarries. There is so much out there but even in the garden there is much to see

Nothing as good as a dander on a Saturday morning with my best mate in her pram and the promise of a cuppa and treat