On holiday but unable to travel.

We are fortunate to live near the beach so at least we were able to go there most days for some R&R. Flights cancelled to USA due to Covid 19 and everyone there on lock down as well. New wellies as during high tide I discovered a leak in the old ones. A mermaid’s purse leaking purple dye so interested to know it’s occupier. Lots of Empty egg sacs from whelks. The majority of shells being Whelks, limpets and cockles And lots of plastic trash amongst the variations of seaweed.

Time to finish projects even this one started about 20 years ago, decided to omit the sleeves as a bit out of date. Back into sock making as well. I also completed a large blanket in stylecraft special DK parchment from the cal sunshine wishes and fairy kisses. I started the beach combing blanket designed by Elenora and loving it. Some baby items too as a new baby girl on it’s way.


Cooking as always but had to barter for castor sugar with a friend. I have not made bread since my bread maker gave up and decided to begin a starter to make some sour dough bread that J loves.


I fully understand the need for social distancing but the lock down I feel in the long term will cause more problems individually as well as for the economy. Those who have mental health issues will suffer severely and those who do not will like develop some degree of change in their mental health. Working at home is fine for me but so important to make the effort to have free time and do other things as well to protect our mental health. I am fortunate to live close to my local beach which I always use as a form of relaxation. Pictures speak louder than words to show how I manage my time.


Classes and Events cancelled for the rest of 2020

Due to the corona virus- Covid 19 I have cancelled all classes for the rest of the year for the safety of everyone. I am sure you have plenty in your stash to keep going for even more than a year and lots of things popping up online to give you ideas. Enjoy this time with your family who you are able to meet and enjoy the rest and quiet.

Outside of my embroidery I am a Nurse and now working full time so I do not have the luxury of the extra rest but I do look forward to it in time.

Isaiah 26:20

20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.
Keep safe and keep your distance if you do need to go out xo


Without leaving home

I have the joy of meeting so many people and sometimes I do not even leave home. Through the years of teaching adults and kids crafts it has been both frustrating and joyful. I find great joy in seeing people meet others within the class and strike up new friendships. This morning was one of those mornings. I had three ladies who do not know each other,  come from very different lifestyles ,back grounds and age groups but have a common interest that brings them together. Just in the same way our patch work came together.

I have space to squeeze someone else in to the monthly group.

A New Year

I finished the year talking about the loss of family and friends and as hard as it is to come to terms with it is reality. We lost a dear friend between Christmas and the New Year which we are still coming to terms with. It was so sudden looking back it feels like he just vanished. We are thankful for his many years of friendship as he supported us and us him. It is a terrible, world we live in and yet we cling to it as if there is nothing better. Just look at the suffering of people and animals in Australia right now with the bush fires caused by mans lack of care of our world. Yes man’s fault. If you care to start reading the first book of the Bible Genesis clearly shows us how God gave this as a responsibility for man. It may have been in the beginning but God knew how our sinful nature would cause crisis after crisis and he promised to prepare a place for us where there would be no sorrow or pain. All we have to do is believe and follow in his way. Whilst we cling to the only things we know there is much better to come.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

So whilst we begin another year and only God knows how long we have here we need to make a difference, be hopeful and work for the good of others using whatever talents we have been given.