19th November

i had a morning if reading and crochet before checking out. I always like to relax at Bryant park but nit so peaceful this time of year with the Christmas village set up. It’s amazing how many places don’t take cash anymore just card but found a lovely French restaurant for lunch.



18th November

For the city that never sleeps it’s very quiet this morning. A little crochet to start my day then out to Panera on 5th for breakfast.



It was very loud and I am not great with noise but worship sincere and Pastor Levi reinforced some things I have been thinking about lately. A Jamaican family from Tallahassee, Florida on my left visiting their daughter for thanksgiving and Jasmine in right who lives in NYC but moving to California, LA/ palm beach area in January.

there was a visiting Pastor Levi Lusko. He has recently published a book


Before his sermon who talked about something that has been particularly in the forefront of my mind lately. I was at a family funeral lately and various members of the family who have a relationship to God appear to be so scared to be nearing non Christians as if they may catch something but Christ was not like this as he mixed with all walks of life socially unacceptable as well.

Levi stated how we can fluctuate between Isolation and Imitation when in face we should be infiltration. Isolation when we stay apart from the world and those whom we feel do not believe in God but how would they ever know if we remained isolated waiting til death takes us. On the other hand we can be imitators copying what the world is and likes, we can imitate so much our faith is unrecognisable and people still can’t see God through us. We need to be infiltrators. We need to witness in this world, to live our lives as God would have us examples of Christ.

the Pastor went onto talk about our enemies

– the devil

-the world views that only we count me, me ,me

-ourselves because we  are our own worst enemies

Proverbs 23v7



if we change how we think we then change how we feel and behave. When you search for something online then for ages after you are bombarded with ads relating to this. If we search for negative things we will find them and we will then imagine that is all their is. However if we think positive things that’s hiw we will feel and behave. We don’t need self help books as God already wrote one.

seek God and you will receive the will of God. Be careful what you feed your  mind with as that’s what you will be fixated about. Teach your brain to look for the best and you will find the best. It works as I have been doing this for years. You can’t worship and worry at the same time.


It was only when I walked to the Rockefeller’s centre that I realised I haven’t been here before thanksgiving for a whole weekend it’s usually the weekend after. The Xmas tree is usually decorated when I am here.




My last show of the weekend was amazing. They portrayed it so well. The lady to my left had seen it 16 times as her daughter was in it the young Anastasia. She was from South Carolina but her daughter Kristen and son in law are now in NYC and he has a part in frozen.




a lot of walking today and after the show I went to the cottage Chinese in the corner of airving place and 16th st to meet some friends for dinner. Anthony and  I both wrote articles for the American miniaturist many years ago and have been friends since. I know his partner Ben just as long.




16th November


People watching in Belfast Europa centre as I start my trip. J has me paranoid that everyone is an opportune thief. Arriving travellers can barely put one foot in front of them as they proceed to work and school which such glum faces. They are all on automatic as I sit with my latte and smile.

Time to get my ticket and as I rummage in my bag for my print out I put my phone on my knee out of the way. I try to retrieve the phone from the folds of my scarf and at the same time a guy slips past and I assume he has managed somehow to take my phone as nowhere in sight.

Bus inspector checks cctv which doesn’t cover all views so inconclusive. A helpful guy helps me track/ erase my phone from the thief’s use. The police are informed and I am on my way to Dublin. Pleasant trip to the airport. I get a snack as I am flying low cost so no meals on boards. Friendly customs who will miss thanksgiving with family as they are in Ireland.

I am seated by Bridie a lovely lady from Dublin and we share our stories and I do a little crochet. I get two meals on board as staff unaware of my budget cheap flight status. It’s a slight delay as the tug won’t disconnect after it pulls us out but not too late.

Farewell Bridie and Hello to Margaret and Al. It seems so long, 20 months since I was here and so glad to be back. Dinner at Vernons our usual for pizza and wine.

It’s snowed overnight just to welcome me. Bags unpacked and then there is the missing? Stolen phone under the lining of my carry on. I cancel the erasure on my iPad, Insurance informed and everyone else. I wake at 0400hrs as my phone has came on thinking it’s in Ireland, a piercing sound comes from my delighted iPad that it has tracked my phone to Eaton Rd Tolland ct. back to sleep 














Saturday 17th

Woke by a phonecall from J who really didn’t figure the time zone and back for another doze.Yummy granola made by Margaret for breakfast and then we are off to meet Jen. A quick stop in Northhaven to say hello to Reagan then off to the station at Newhaven for the train to NYC. It feels so good to be back as a few years since I spent time here.













Metro north trains have improved a lot , no WiFi but decent prices $17.50 to Grand Central and power to charge your electronics.


My ankle has been playing me up but weather mild so think I’d prefer to walk a few blocks than sit in a cab going nowhere fast for the pleasure of parting with my dollars.Down Park Ave take a left on 31st and I am at my hotel. Drop the bag and then up 31st to 7th and right to 51st.Gershwin theatre matinee for Wicked. The lovely ticket guy gave me $50 dollar discount and I got to sit five rows from the front in the orchestra area.


The costumes are amazing especially those of the Ozians from the emerald green ballet pointes to the colourful leather boots. The texture of the fabrics are exquisite, tailored to perfection. I had no expectations re this show but imagine if I had they would have been exceeded. I spoke to one of the actors about the Costumes the Ozian ones in particular and she said the designer won a Tony  for them and I am not surprised. Lots of brocade and embroidery detail even on their stockings. It would have been a dream to work on these Costumes


























Well I am not sure I think I have my own reality sussed enjoying ME time MY way. It does no harm to dream.













Nothing like Irish stew in OLunneys served by a young guy from Derrytrasna…can you get any far removed. A wander in NYC to see what shows. Guy from Chicago who sat by me in Wicked recommended Dear Evan Hansen but it was a sell out.













A play not a musical for a change. Very much into the line of “Fawlty Towers”. A few laughs at the end of a wonderful day. The weather is so mild and no snow in NYC I even needed my aircon on.


6th November 2018


1 Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you

Well, what a year and it’s not over yet. I really could write a book and there wouldn’t be many topics left uncovered but we all have so much to be thankful for even when times are tough, after all that’s what makes us who we are.

i have just made my last batch of pumpkin muffins for the season. They for me are a symbol of thanksgiving and harvest although I know for the majority they have been carved and discarded.



I give thanks for where I live and every little inspiration I gain from it.































I give thanks for the people I meet from all walks of life and what they add to my own life.
















I give thanks for the opportunity it’s to travel and everyone and everything I have met on my way.
















For friends now and in the past some no longer with me



















October 2018Life is busy with the odd crisis threw in to keep us on our toes. However there is always a little room for sewing and crochet to settle the nerves. Always a project or two… on the go. Check out events to see dates for classes. This can be flexible to your needs. Christmas is coming so a little kit for the season.


My crafters had the opportunity in taking part in a charity mystery project. One completed already.































I have taken up lacemaking so here is my first piece of Carrickmacross. I am hoping to combine these new techniques with my love of embroidery.