This is another favourite spot we have visited many times. When completing an open learning degree I took myself to a friends cottage here to study and complete assignments and for relaxation I went horse riding either on the beach or over the old railways tracks for a good gallop. I loved riding in the fresh air and yet it is a number of years now since I have rode. I think I got very precious about my bones, even though I have never suffered an injury. I have also stayed with friends to complete craft projects in the winter with the fire roaring and the smell of turf and a walk in Glenveagh. We did not visit Glenveagh this time as felt the walk would be too much for Smudge and weather not ideal.

Glencolmcille and Maghera Caves

We have visited this little folk village before but felt it worth another look and even more so the nearby scenery. We had a picnic before moving closer to Ardara and into the waterfall and Maghera Caves.

There is no sign at the end of the road for the waterfall or caves but it is the first road to the right leaving Ardara to head for Killybegs and well worth a visit, this being our second time.

The tide was in so it looked like we would not get into the cave but we were determined and dodged the waves. smudge was anxious at first but determined to get to J so allowed her belly to get wet.


This is the first place I ever stayed in Donegal. Not long after we were married we stayed in my mother’s friend’s caravan. It is probably my favourite place all these years and nearby is Doe Castle which was my nick name growing up.

Marble hill beach

I had to stop and get some coffee from Margaret Lee’s son’s shack and the muffins were pretty good too.


This was probably the worst day weather wise and the migraine I had for most of the holiday was particularly bad but we still made it out. However not out of the car too much. I always have my book and crochet at hand. Rosamunde Pilcher’s books are always ideal for holidays bringing you to another world this time to Sutherland that brings a mixture of folk due to various circumstances together for Christmas

We spent some time at a small beach. I am not sure if there was more water coming from the sky than already on the beach but Smudge and I walked anyway whilst J stayed in the shelter of the car with classic Fm.

Exploring Donegal

So the weather was to be bad all week and a storm also to blow in. However if you have grew up in Ireland you are not likely to let a bit of rain out you off, so each day we were out and about exploring. It did not feel particularly cold not going below 15 degrees.

There is rarely a day when we are out exploring that we do not find a beach and despite Smudge’s 11 years and barely managing a short walk a day at home, she gets a new lease of life racing on the beach.

At home we can not go anywhere but we can see Scrabo Tower and here it was the same for Mount Errigal. It is the highest of the seven sisters and very impressive and considered a place of prayer.

Then home to relax as we did every evening.