What is there to do at Christmas time?

I am not one for shopping unless I have to and J has cut down on Christmas gifts over the years so what else is there to do apart from shopping and eating at Christmas. Any gifts I do give are hand made. Lucinda and I had a very interesting visit to Belfast poor house


We were more than impressed by the work Mary Ann McCcracken did for the poor especially the women and children. She certainly was a woman of power and not celebrated enough.


We can highly recommend the tour and although we learned a lot about what happened at Christmas there was so much more history about Belfast included. From the pipes that provided water to the black hole which is the equivalent to a child’s naughty chair for bad behaviour.

Clifton house still has residents but nolonger a poor house but residential accommodation.

Every Christmas meal  I was invited to but one was on the same day when I had my tap concert. The afternoon tea at the potting shed and demonstration by Beth of Spring cottage crafts was such an enjoyable afternoon with crochet friend smof Lulus stash.


Then there is my own Christmas baking and making with some regulars coming to make Christmas decorations.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to  Priory SingersChristmas concert. Margaret and I had a very enjoyable evening at Campbell College listening and nibbling on mince pies and cake. It’s a yearly event now for me.

this year




Have a very Happy Christmas and May God give you many Blessings in 2019


So how has 2018 been for you? Some may say a bad year some may say a good year but if we were all to sit down and reflect I am sure we can find both high and low times. The world certainly isn’t a better place. However God keeps his promises and he clearly states in the Bible all the things that will happen as end times approach. If you do study the Bible or decide to start you maybe horrified to discover there is worse to come. The good news is that those who believe in him will not perish and what we are promised in the next life overcomes all of this.

…so back to 2018. We have had births and deaths, laughs and tears, struggles and joy which I foresee again in 2019. At least one more baby due in our family so the crocheting will continue. I also plan to travel although not quite sure which destinations yet.

Coffee and craft will continue once a month to raise funds for Kiwoko hospital as well as taught classes in embroidery and patchwork. Some of us have already planned a little retreat in Donegal in February to get the year going. My last New Year resolution was to finish projects and that I did although some still lurking. This year I hope to finish my present city and Guilds in hand embroidery. I will also be doing some work with the museum on the Game of thrones tapestry again and have other work of my own inspired by my voluntary work at MountStewart. I hope to tapdance with our little group also as much as work allows and regarding work a few changes maybe in order there as well.


Christmas kits available


The kits below are for sale now by order only at £15+P&P (colours vary fabric colour in photo sold out)



Snowman chicken scratch kits are reduced to £10


Only one full Christmas bauble kit available for £12. Only one bauble left that kit includes all gold threads but not the coloured threads for £9


Preparing for Christmas

we usually visit a city at the beginning of December but with only a week between my trip to USA for thanksgiving and my next leave we decided to stay at home this year as so much to be done. The vacuum cleaner broke and parts obsolete so a new one required. The very next day the shower broke and it had to be replaced. Then I require a new tyre which due to the fact there were none in the whole of N.Ireland I had to have a hire car. Fortunately work paid for that.

Saturday was our Christmas coffee and craft and although lots of illness still a number of ladies

We had our Christmas challenge draw with Nuala the winner and Christine R runner up.

Rosemary won the Kiwoko raffle. Some ladies even got some stitching done and new kits just purchased started.

Great to be home but missing USA

Despite despite a horrendous migraine and a nightmare bus drive from Dublin I finally made it. The Translink journey to adublin was excellent but buseirean was torture. The luggage compartment was above waist height and no one could put their luggage up. It was only for one male oassenger who loade every case. The driver took forever getting tickets for the majority who didn’t have any. He was way behind time and when we got onto the M1 he overtook twice on the hard shoulder so by the time I got to Europa I was 50 minutes late and ready to throw up. Eventually I got a nap after being tortured for cuddles from Smudge.A5499CA2-D916-4129-BE40-CD798C062A8B