Getting time for relaxation


I have never been so busy but at the same time have such organised relaxation time. Smudge is starting to get into the new routine of me being an early bird and not so much a night owl. I left my sewing machine in for service in preparation for a new quilt I wish to start and just finished a daisy ripple in alpaca I started a while ago.


Plenty of time to get out and about and patchwork ladies producing lovely work learning many new skills. The before and after, the messy study, ready for new projects.

This is little bit of warm weather spurring us on to get out more which can be a dilemma between that and getting some projects finished.



Social Life

For many years I worked evenings which was my choice and I loved it but time for a change and I am embracing my new work life balance. I have found myself free for more things in one way and extra busy in other ways as I study and prepare myself for new work roles. It’s empowering and freeing.

More time to socialise with friends and I will have been to the theatre three times in May alone. Not home when this one expects me to be so she does her best to make me feel guilty.

A few outings locally.

And a few projects completed

Changing Times


Sometimes when we make a decision we feel it will be for life. When we bought the house we lived in we looked at every circumstances and decided no matter what happened in life this house was suitable. This house became our home 27 years ago and I still feel that way about it despite the changing neighbours. When I took on a job with the rapid response nursing service 11 years ago I felt I was making the same choice but this time circumstances changed outside of my control and this team no longer exists as it did. I am thankful that I have moved on and in fact really enjoying the flexibility of choosing who and when I want to work for. I am fortunate to have been accepted to a variety of nursing services.


I received lots of gifts and many kind words.


The weather is getting milder so more opportunity to get out and about with Smudge. She us over ten now so nit as fit as she used to be but a fun day at PetNose Day at MountStewart.



A little trip out to Nendrum. I am presently working full time until I see exactly what I want to concentrate on most but still time for crafting.


Teaching remains the same with hand embroidery or patchwork one Wednesday evening a month and one Saturday morning and I don’t plan on changing these in the near future. Saturday does tend to book up quickly. See details in events page. The Bible study group are Jon the midst of studying Romans and this is the last Wednesday evening in the month, group full at present.

St Patrick’s Day


When at school we always did something to celebrate St Patrick’s Day but this seemed to have gone by the wayside for many in Ireland unfortunately and I see it celebrated in other countries more than here . I receive my certificate for my latest City and Guilds course and it brought to mind what a fellow student said to me “don’t stop make sure you keep being creative”. I sat at my desk sketching for embroidery and appliqué and came up with something for St Patrick’s Day. This hand embroideryjncludes battlement couching, two tone chain stitch, raise chain stitch, a raised twisted knit stitch I invented, stem stitch and long and short stitch. It’s all done in cotton stranded floss and I thoroughly enjoyed stitching it.

It’s  been a busy week doing two jobs and now having done a shadow shift for Marie Curie night service and a day shift rapid response I know I have definitely made the right move as I feel so at home in my new roles.


Smudge has had her good friend Minnie to stay which means she us even more bossy and demanding of my time, after all she has to keep up appearances!

Dont forget this months raffle for Marie Curie £1 per ticket. Check out Facebook


Time to chill out

B6281ED9-9AE5-479D-ADF6-DA1CDD902089This last six months have been particularly tough regarding work stresses and migraines. There are some things in life we can take control of and some we can’t. The migraines have been completely out of my control and sometimes the treatment has become more debilitating than the condition. However work is something I can control.

i have just finished my induction training with Marie Curie. I have worked alongside Marie Curie nurses and supported their staff for many years and now delighted to join their team. As a rapid response nurse I have enjoyed the buzz of sorting out many people and families at moments of crisis and to prevent myself missing this I will still do the occasional shift for my local accident and emergency department. I look forward to my new position in the community with complete focus now on palliative care.

This week has been a week of reflection. I don’t ever regret anything I do in life as I feel everything we do adds to our character and builds us into who we are. We follow paths that then deviate in a direction we hadn’t planned. With God as my leader Iam rest assured it was meant to be. Jeremiah 29v11.

This brings to mind the The serenity prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Relaxation isn’t something I do well are certainly not as others would understand butyesterday I sat for hours cutting brick slips and applying to a dollshouse I haven’t touched in 10 years. A very basic task requiring little to no effort and for me that was relaxation. Smudge hates me to be doing anything whereshe is not included so have her bedding beside m she snoozed alongside.