Sewing and crochet

I have often wondered how folk manage who do not have a hobby and how would I have ever managed over the years without mine. So much research has come to the fore in recent years showing the health benefits of creative hobbies. There is so much satisfaction in completing something creative and so long as you the creator are happy with it then that is the main thing.

A few years ago a friend commented to me how her young daughter had made something at school with clay but she was very upset as she was unable to bring it home to her mummy as her teacher did not think it was good enough and destroyed it. Fortunately in this case this little girls mother recognised the effect this could have on her daughter and was able to praise her none the less. How many creative people over the years have been stopped in their tracks just because of someone else’s notion something was not good enough. We all have our own tastes but the joy and benefits to someone who creates can outweigh the views of others. Happy creating.

Pieces of the Past

After perusing one of my favourite antique shop Collectible quilt company  with the samples of old feed sack in hand my mind started to wander as to how I would use them. The small print was perfect for hexagons and the three similar samples would work well together. One inch hexagons in English paper piecing was perfect for a little holiday project in Co Wicklow.


A week where I had nothing to think about but rest and relaxation. Exploring the Irish countryside with my bestie Westie was idyllic no matter what the weather, although there were some lovely summer days.



Last year I decided I really needed to get to grips with all my ‘to do’ projects including hand embroidery, knitting, crochet, patchwork and anything that falls between. It was amazing what I managed to finish but still a few things on the list.


Working on the Game of Thrones Tapestry a few years ago

Along with a team of ladies we finished the Game of Thrones tapestry this month which is on display in the Ulster museum until the 28th July before it goes to visit Bayeux.

I am working on a cardigan I am sure I started 15+ years ago. It has been some time since I knit as crochet had become more popular.


Despite the need to finish things we always need something new for a boost of creativity. A little wedding sampler to start.


There has also been time to get out and about and not always when the sun is shining.

Patchwork and embroidery classes continue so keep an eye on events. One space left for July. It is great to meet-up with like minded people. Check out School of stitched textiles








IrishMinidoe on Facebook comes to an end

Hi folks

I have decided to close my Facebook page as it’s not very reliable so hopefully everyone will come and follow my blog instead. Check out events tab for classes which are predominantly on a Saturday morning once a month. Classes are kept small so you need to book a head. Payments taken by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Hand embroidery and machine and hand patchwork so a mix of a class staying at the skill level appropriate to each persons needs. This makes for a very interesting class with everyone learning and getting ideas from each other.

New quilt design available during classes coming up soon.


This will involve some flying geese.



For those interested in embroidery both modern and traditional techniques taught.


Sewing machine just back from service which was well overdue, really need to do this yearly.