Jennie Rayment- Fabulous Folding Fanatic

 We were very fortunate to have Jennie at the NIPG such a treat to have he entertain us as she showed off her quilts which you can see to the let and below.

 I thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon workshop which was a change to machine sewing and piecing large pieces of fabric.
It felt very therapeutic to fold and handsew the calico that fell into place perfectly just as she directed. If you haven’t been to a workshop or purchased one of her books I recommend you do ASAP.
 Jennie held our attention with her witty comments and very helpful tips and advice. She managed to be right beside just when you had a question about the next step.

 Example of what we were striving for.

Would we need a button or not?






I plan to repeat both of my samples nd make into a wallhanging at some point.




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