Sedentary Life- firstly due to a pandemic and now a way of life

We all need a balance in our lives whether that is work and play, the type of foods we eat and choices of leisure. Many of us have been forced to change our lifestyle with pandemic and brexit changes. Being forced to change is not always negative, in fact I find it positively refreshing.. all previous activities scrapped and starting from fresh. My job now entails walking from one room to another as opposed to driving to the park and ride, catching the bus and walking to the office and I am saving about two hours each day, never mind the take away coffees and lunches. So it’s been almost 18 months and I have jiggled and toyed with how I want my life to be and thoroughly happy with how things are moving along. I feel I am getting a better balance with the outdoors and indoors and my diet. I am the type of person who gets bored easily and never really happy unless I am multi tasking. I am not necessarily a lover of the norm and certainly not a people pleaser. Never swayed by fashion or the latest idol or the music that is popular but I just love being me.. a previous manager used to give me odd looks when I got excited about things that he felt generally people would have not been happy about and then he just said “ weird”. So welcome to my weird world.

Who could not enjoy a breakfast at Haptik before a walk in the woods whilst listening to an audio book

And for the afternoon I will likely crochet by the sea

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